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The first widescreen watch "2012"

Small edit: With Proud Tour (Maxthon) browser Full-screen function. Shortcut keys: F11

Small screen, compared to the movie theater widescreen how to do? Never mind, in the Proud tour press F11 to execute "full screen." Gee, the screen suddenly widened!

The second side to see "2012" Side work

Small series of ideas: with proud of the browser's split screen function. Shortcut keys: F10

While working to see "2012", but only one browser, how to do? Please press F10 to perform "split screen" on the left half of the screen to see "2012", the right half of the screen as usual to operate the network, the left half of the brain at the same time running, the slightest delay.

See the wonderful to take a picture of Pride tour with screenshot function

The great screenshot of the third "2012"

Small series of ideas: with proud browser screenshots screen function. Shortcut keys: ctrl+f1

Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions ... Many of the best shots in a more exciting blockbuster than the day after tomorrow shook our visual nerves. Want a screenshot? then do it. Press CTRL+F1 on the keyboard, perform "area screenshot", how to cut, how to cut.

Four quietly to see "2012", other Web page voice don't disturb me

Small series of ideas: With proud of the latest version of the browser, with quiet function.

When the online watch "2012", Suddenly on the web page of someone else's blog music sounded, or web advertising music sounded, not blot? With proud tour of the new version, the quiet button on the trip to silence the sound of the Web page, but also you a clear auditory space.

A key to hide easy to deal with the boss is not afraid

The five safe to see "2012", don't let boss find

Small edit: The boss of the browser with proud of the key, bosses will not be able to see

Get busy at work and watch "2012" online. Yi, behind a burst of blast blew, must be boss came over. Sweat waving the ctrl+~ key combination, AO swim immediately from the desktop disappear clean. Boss came to look at the screen neat Word documents and excle forms, even if not publicly praised will silently praise such a good employee. ^-^

The address of several "2012" was searched, to save each

Small edit: With the "Add to Favorites" function, shortcut keys Ctrl+d

Registered as a proud tour users, you can use the "online collection" function of the convenient. According to Ctrl+d, save the current Web site to the proud tour of the network server, safe and convenient.

Proud Tour Video pop-up feature designed for movie playback

Seventh independent playback window to see "2012"

Small EDIT: Proud tour of the new version added "video pop-up" function, how to play, how to play.

The video is pinned to the web, trying to move it around? Swim with pride, the mouse on the video, will appear video pop-up play button, click button will be the video pop-up, you can click the left button to live pop-up window border, want to drag to where, on the drag to where, there is a benefit can be shown in other programs before, even if chatting QQ will not be blocked!

Finally, "2012" tells us that Chinese-made ships are the only tools to save mankind. Hope that domestic software can also become the world's attention

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