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Proud of the browser's download features attached to the main program, powerful, fast download, and support for multithreading and from the beginning of the download to the end are very stable. The latest version 2.1.5, but also in particular to optimize it, today, the author is also particularly proud to travel 2.1.5 version of the release, for you to introduce a detailed tour of the features of the download program. To help you better use this feature is no less than the mainstream download software add-on program.

1. Enter the proud tour Download Program page

After installing and entering the 2.1.5 Moderator interface, click on the "Tools" menu, you can easily find "proud to download" option, click on the New tab to open a proud tour download page (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Tour Browser Download Program page

The interface style is similar to the popular download software, or its web version, consisting of three separate pages, "unfinished", "Completed" and "All Tasks". Click the "New Task" link on the "Unfinished" page to fill in the download address and easily complete the download after choosing a storage location.

2. The download of the Proud tour is set as the default download program

In the proud browser by default, and will not automatically invoke the browser when downloading the download program, but according to the current favorite settings automatically identify the download, such as installed and set as the default download thunder, Internet Express and so on. And if we want to be proud of the browser from the download program set as the default, in each use of proud browser, click to download the link automatically call, you need to be in the "Setting center" to open the corresponding function.

Open method is very simple, enter the proud browser, click on the "Tools" menu to enter the "Proud Tour Settings Center" option, at this time to switch to the "File download" option page, the page on the right side of the Download manager settings, choose "Proud to download" and click to apply, It is easy to set the download program with the browser itself as the default download tool in the current environment.

Figure 2 through the proud tour file download settings can easily be "proud to download" Set as the default program

Since then the user in the use of proud browser, and click on the download link, will automatically start the browser with the download program interface, set a good download path can easily complete the download (Figure 3).

Figure 3 by setting the "Proud tour download" has become the browser default download tool

At the same time, the user clicks the "Advanced Mode" button in the Download prompt box, and can also turn on other download function settings, such as opening a reference to the original path or setting the number of download threads, increasing the download speed or maintaining the bandwidth for other operations of the user during the download (Figure 4).

Figure 4 The user can manually select the number of address threads through the browser download

3. Let proud tour download monitor more formats

As with any other download tool, the download program that prides itself on the system also monitors the Clipboard. User in the main interface of the browser, click the Tool menu to enter the "Proud Tour Settings Center", click "File Download" into the settings interface, at this time the user click on the right to download the "Settings" button, open proud tour Download settings options (Figure 5).

Figure 5 Click the "Settings" link to enter the proud browser download Settings option

Check the "Watch clipboard" option at this point and click OK to save (Figure 6).

Figure 6 Click "View Clipboard file" To open a tour download monitoring function

After the user clicks on the download link, click the right mouse button, copy. EXE, or.. MP4 and other formats, the proud tour download program will automatically start to prompt users whether to download (Figure 7).

Figure 7 After opening the monitor panel, the tour will automatically capture the appropriate format and start downloading

At the same time, users can also according to their own needs, add proud to download the monitoring content of the program, such as the choice of monitoring picture format (such as jpg/bmp/png, etc.), the user after the completion of the browser with wonderful pictures and other content of the Web page, directly click on the picture, and in the right You can quickly enable the proud tour download program to complete the download, and the default to save the original diagram style, so that the quality of the picture will not be lost.

The method is very simple, in the proud tour download the Settings panel, also click the "Monitor Panel" option, in which you add the file suffix you want to join, and then click OK to save.

4. Use good proud to download the program "Suspension window" function

Like other download tools, the browser's own download tool also supports the display of floating windows in the interface, through this window, users can quickly finish opening the download program, creating a new download task, starting/stopping the download task, and quickly entering the proud tour Download program settings option, and in the sense of a slight "eyesore" when passing through " Hide this suspend window option to turn it off. And how to open the tour to download the suspension window, the actual method is also very simple.

Also, the user goes to the "Pride Center" (The main interface "Tools" menu). and switch to the "File download" option, click on the tour to download, into its settings options, in the window under the "Watch clipboard" option, you can see the "Show Download suspension window" option (Figure 8), save can be displayed in the main interface to download the suspension window (Figure 9).

Figure 8 Click "Show Download Information Floating window" Open proud Tour Download Suspension window

Figure 9 Proud Tour Download Program Suspension window interface

After the suspension window is opened, the user in the download interface, or can copy the download address, direct monitoring download, or can copy the address, in the Proud tour Download Suspension window, click the right button "Add New Task" to add it to the download list. Files that have not been downloaded will be downloaded at once, after the next open, through the suspension window option. Features are extremely convenient (Figure 10).

Figure 10 Proud Tour Download floating window right button "Add New Task" menu options

Figure 11 Setting limit upload/download speed through proud tour download speed

6. You can still use the download after stripping it out individually

By default, users in the use of proud download program download, if you accidentally click the Exit button, the entire browser is closed, the download program will also be automatically canceled, and by setting, the same can be achieved after the browser is closed, the download program can still be used.

The method is also very simple, in the proud tour download settings, the user tick "browser back to launch after the download" option, you can continue to download in the proud browser after exiting (Figure 12)

Figure 12 Check "continue downloading after browser exit" to prevent the main program from being accidentally closed and unable to complete the download

Through the author for the proud browser download function how to open, Function introduction and Setup program, can be more convenient to call the various skills of the download, and effectively limit the bandwidth, user-friendly downloading can still do other operations. Let the browser quit after the proud tour download is still effective and other skills, but also allows users to better use the tour to download.

After trial, the author of its fondle admiringly, the function has been completely not inferior to the Thunderbolt, Express and other mainstream download software, the author of several friends, in the trial after a tour of the download, more directly to their previous use of the browser program discarded and switch to proud tour. Therefore, the author, here also recommend more friends to use the proud browser and its own download program, enjoy the wonderful network life.

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