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AO MM2.0 (Maxthon Mobile, AO Mobile browser) has been gorgeous debut, not only in the function of a lot of optimization and promotion, and the theme of the skin also has four themes for users to choose. The new theme of the overall design more beautiful, more comfortable visual experience.

Proud tour of the theme of the skin process is very easy, just click on the bottom Right menu button, open the Function menu, click "More" to find the second page of the first icon "theme", click on the entry will show the available skin. or enter Mx://skin directly in the address bar, direct to the theme skin selection interface. Click on the topic you want to download, automatically start the download function, pop-up confirmation prompts, OK to start downloading. Download finished click the theme of the installation package to install, the installation can be clicked back to the theme interface, the download icon to the right of the theme has become a dot, indicating that the theme can be used. Four theme with the use, installation and skin change without closing the page or restart the browser. (as shown in figure I)

Figure I

Below we come to a close look at this four beautiful outfit, what surprises bring us:

Proud tour of the Blue

Blue Pure natural, fresh and pleasant, quiet atmosphere, it as a proud tour of the image color, Heritage desktop browser visual feeling, to create the most comfortable experience on the internet. Another proud tour MM2.0 label and title bar are showing the effect of color gradient rendering, creating a comfortable and quiet atmosphere, less than a tough one more soft, UI interaction design in detail reflects the quality of personal taste. Let us in the "proud tour of the Blue", feel the easy rendering effect. (as shown in Figure II)

Figure II

Grey World

Gray created a mysterious temperament, without losing the deep atmosphere. It is worth mentioning is in the Proud tour MM2.0, the design of the function table is also originality, translucent interface, without prejudice to browse the current page information, color background white to create a refreshing visual feeling. Let's get a glimpse of the translucent effect in the gray theme. (Figure III)

Figure Three

Green Grassland

When people are tired and bored, walking in the verdant forest or grassland, it is natural to feel comfortable. Green is also the most pleasing color, seven shades of Green center, do not stimulate the optic nerve, soft and crisp, can alleviate the tension in people's minds. Now we to the mobile phone, put on this theme, can let green surround, send micro Bo, watch news, on forum ... It's refreshing! (as shown in Figure IV)

Figure Four

Cute girl

The jagged lace of the title bar, shows the special enthusiasm playful, exudes the youthful romantic breath. Under the pale pink package, to soothe your restless heart, is not your dream will become pink sweet warm? (as shown in Figure V)

Figure Five

Echocardiography is not as good as action, choose the theme of your skin, so that the fun of the exclusive direct access to your mobile phone bar!

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