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Many of the Internet sites are not fixed friends, such as the need to be in the school room or internet café students, they do not collect Web content is so convenient. In fact, such as the need for mobile office business people, they are often in the process of surfing the Internet is always the most need to browse to the wonderful content of the Web site at any time to save, but they can not be like in their own computer anywhere and anytime local collection and direct preservation, how to do?

In fact, in the famous "AO Tour (Maxthon)" Browser, the wonderful content of the off-site collection of the preservation of everything is particularly simple, here I give you two more commonly used methods.

Method One: Web Screenshot collection method

In the school room or internet cafes, whether it is to visit the Web site, Bubble Forum or look at the network of People's blog, once found the content of wonderful articles or beautifully composed pictures, may be involuntarily want to collect them to enrich their own resources. In this case, the user can do the following:

STEP1: On the public computer, we can copy the text part to a special text file for the purpose of collecting the plain text data.

STEP2: For the existence of more exquisite pictures of the graphic information page, we can open this type of Web page in the "Maxthon" browser, and then click the "screenshot → current page screenshot" option at the top right of the page display window, and the software will automatically pop up a dialog box that saves the current full page page. , the user clicks the Save button further in the dialog box, and all the graphic information for the current page page is saved as a full page "photo" (Figure 1, figure 2).

STEP3: Next, users can use the same method to collect other pages of text data and various pages of information, and then before they leave the public computer, packaging all the data collected into a file, Finally, the compressed file sent to their own mailbox or upload to their own one of the cyberspace in the OK.

Method Two: Online Collection collection method

Although the above method is relatively simple and convenient, but for the collected pictures and texts of the page sometimes need to do two collation and editing, here the author again to introduce a more relatively simple method, that is the use of "AO Maxthon" browser unique Favorites online synchronization function.

STEP1: Users want to use this function, first of all must have a dedicated to their own travel account. When the user first used the "Maxthon", you can choose to click the "Create New Account" button in the Software pop-up login window, and in the next open page, follow the instructions for creating the wizard to quickly create and open a dedicated account of your own, the next time users open "AO Tour (Maxthon) , you can log in to the Maxthon browser using the proud tour account and login password you created to "Start with my own account" (see Figure 3).

STEP2: Users use their own proud tour account login to the Maxthon browser, the software by default will pop up a "collection service" Confirmation window, users can click the "Yes" button to open the "collection service", this step is critical (Figure 4).

STEP3: When users surf the internet on a public computer, first empty "Proud Tour (Maxthon)" Original favorites in all the URL links, if you are worried about causing trouble to other people's computer, users can temporarily transfer the original favorites elsewhere, to their own online after the transfer back, anyway, should now be "proud Tour" ( Maxthon) "is placed in the empty state of the Favorites folder.

STEP4: Next users in the process of browsing the Internet, once found that the content is wonderful and need to collect the page, you can first of all add to the corresponding page links to the "proud Tour (Maxthon)" Favorites, there are multiple Web links to add multiple Web links.

STEP5: When all the links you need to collect and save are added, the user opens the Favorites menu in the Maxthon browser and chooses to click the "more actions → sync online favorites" option, when the software automatically uploads all the links in the user's favorites (Figure 5).

STEP6: The following operation users should know, when a user returns to his or her own computer, he logs on to the Maxthon browser again with his own proud tour account, and then performs a proud tour (Maxthon) the "more actions → sync online Favorites" menu of the browser "favorites" operation, All web links that are collected by the user are downloaded to the Favorites folder in the local Maxthon browser.

Small tip:

For the collection of Web text, the Maxthon browser also provides a "Proud tour collection panel" gadget. Users in the use of their own proud tour of the account login to the Maxthon browser, you can directly enter the Ctrl+g shortcut button to pull out this "proud tour collection panel" gadget, and then the need to collect the text of the Web page pasted into the gadget can be. This "Proud Tour collection panel" gadget supports the collection of multiple copies of Web page text, and enables users to "upload content" Manually and select "Automatic uploads" of the pasted text (Figure 6).

For all the text collected by the software upload, users can use their own AO-Maxthon browser on any computer anytime, and then use the Ctrl+g shortcut key to pull out this "proud swim collection Panel" gadget, then the user can download the collection of Web pages to the local.


The above is only the author uses the Maxthon browser unique webpage screenshot function and the online collection function carries on the webpage content to collect the two "tricks" in the off-site collection preservation. In fact, AO Tour (Maxthon) browser in all aspects of the function is very powerful, many features and some of the ordinary functions of the special application methods, often can be implemented in other similar web browsers simply can not realize the function and many unexpected browsing effect, so from this perspective, the use of Proud tour (Maxthon And with live Proud Tour (Maxthon), we can make every user benefit.

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