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Proud of the browser (Maxthon) to the appropriate user use of the design, especially proud to open the setting center, won a lot of users, but also like me to love to play software people ecstatic. Today I will play with everyone to play the setting center of the tour, but also hope that friends have more "powerful" skills to share.

Figure 1 Proud Tour Setting Center

It is commendable to be an open attitude towards the users. As shown in the figure above, there are a total of 17 user-selectable feature items, each feature includes a rich selection of custom items, is well-intentioned, this is what I love this browser, and has been used for the reason. Back to the bottom, I will be this rich functional items into three groups, for everyone one by one.

I. General and advanced options

Options include: General Options, advanced options, security, and privacy.

1. General Options

Select the General option in the center of choice, and then look at the display area on the right. Pour the air conditioning, AO Swim and the general options are divided into 8 groups, strong bar, but I believe that if you are also a love to play the user, certainly will be very happy, not distressed, because these options are really good, very powerful!

Group One, proud of the browser's default homepage, this point friends can be free to choose Oh, are generally more like Baidu, Google, such as search engines or hao123, 265 such sites, but I prefer this to me search, searching + URL navigation of the combination, is not bad.

Figure 2 Proud Tour General Options

Group Two, proud of the start of the default open page options, according to the text description and their needs to choose, for the pursuit of speed experience friends, you can choose not to open any page.

The latest V2.1.5 edition makes a good adjustment to the original option of opening multiple pages at startup, as shown in the following illustration: Open the specified folder in your favorites. This recruit to like me to open the computer to go first: Sina, personal blog, happy net to see friends, absolutely very practical oh, but note that you specify the folder under the collection of URLs can not be too many, 3-5 is advisable, otherwise the speed of the start experience will be uncomfortable.

Figure 3 Proud tour of the General Options >> Proud tour started

Group Three, this group is the default browser settings, users can be more free to set up proud tour for the default browser and restore IE for the default browser, the first other program calls to open when not loading the start page remember to tick, or when you set your pride to the default browser, each time you open the browser in another program call, Will load the startup page set by group Two, which can affect the browsing speed.

Figure 4 Proud Tour General Options >> default browser settings

Group four: The following figure, respectively: in the taskbar in the lower right corner of the task bar display proud tour icon, when the user minimizes the browser to the bottom right corner, and does not display the taskbar, click to close the Proud tour browser will be minimized to the lower right corner, the actual does not close, need to right-click on the tray to opt out.

Figure 5 Proud Tour General Options >> Tray and window control settings

Group Five, the office personnel must have the skill, every day sits the office to work the sweat, steals a carefree to watch will video how? But boss is not willing to, learn this kill, instantaneous switch, every day is not afraid to be training, plus proud to travel other settings, ^_^ comfortable ah.

Figure 6 Proud Tour General Options >> boss key

Group Six: Default page scaling is a good feature for a high-resolution written test, and can be manipulated with a shortcut key: Ctrl + = Zoom +10% Ctrl +-zoom ratio-10%.

Prohibit downloading images: After checking the Web page will not load the picture information on the page, disabling will affect the site user experience;

Do not run script: Check after the ban page JS script, will affect some of the page display effect, do not recommend disabling;

Do not play GIF animation: Check the page after the GIF animation will be displayed in static form;

Suppress Flash Animation: Check the screen after the Flash animation on the page;

Prohibit the playback of sound: After the check can screen the background music, audio animation, advertising and other sound;

Disable ActiveX controls: Check to see some special needs to load ActiveX control site will be affected, such as bank's network silver site, online peer-to-peer site, etc., do not recommend disabling.

Figure 7 Proud Tour General Options >> page Zoom and content display

Group Seven: If you want to be the first time to get proud of the updated information users, the default choice can be, if you are proud to start the speed of care of the players, you can choose not to check the update, and then according to the Help menu to select the check update can be.

Figure 8 Proud Tour General Options >> version update

Group eight: A key "violence" recovery, for users to customize after the impact of normal browsing Web pages, and do not know where the problem of users, this operation will cause their own to be proud of the loss of all personality settings Oh, the player use caution.

Figure 9 Proud Tour General Options >> Restore "Factory" settings

2. Advanced Options

Proud of the browser will be some unconventional application features customized special categories, ordinary users will not use the basic, only advanced players will try, here is a brief introduction.

User interface: The following figure, is also very personalized to the user interface customization function, explained under the Display site custom icon is to display the site root directory favicon.ico This icon file, basically is the site's small logo; Merge refresh and stop button is to put the refresh and stop function in two different trigger States, page load status Show Stop button, page load or stop after the Display refresh button, also be proud to travel original, can simplify the icon bar.

Figure 10 The Advanced Options >> user interface for Pride Tour

Browse: You can customize some intelligent acceleration, such as the list of sites to set a unified loading rules: Prohibit loading pictures, Flash, shielding ads, and so on to achieve the loading speed of the page content, of course, proud tour also from the data transmission technology to browse the Internet has been optimized, So this is also proud of the user has a very good reputation among the reasons. There are two other features worth mentioning: Disable automatic refresh of current tabs and display pop-up windows as tabs, and two features that create a good browsing experience for users when using a browser.

Figure 11 Premium Options >> Browse

Operation Confirmation: The main is to prevent user misoperation two settings, respectively, when the user closes all tags or quit the program to give the user a confirmation prompt, thereby preventing the user's misoperation to the unfinished application of the loss.

Figure 12 Travel Premium Options >> Operation confirmation

Java virtual machines: For the special needs of advanced users, because Microsoft in IE6 and later began to provide a Microsoft Java virtual machine, all ordinary users do not have to adjust, of course, if the user installed the Sun Company's virtual machine, have special needs or want to change the application experience, You can choose a different Java virtual machine.

Figure 13 Premium Options >> Java virtual machines

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