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December 10 last year, the Proud tour released a new browser-proud Zhang browser, this is after MyIE2, proud of the browser 3, proud tour company again presented to the global users of another innovative browsing experience. It allows users to not only experience the overall speed of network browsing, the continuous improvement of interface operation optimization, security and privacy of the network, but also for users to bring better interoperability, experience an unprecedented cloud experience. But some users may not know, in fact, proud Zhang browser hidden a lot of unknown secrets, today I will be proud of the Zhang browser some secrets and the use of experience to share with you.

Lock browser

Security is always the eternal topic of the Internet, proud Zhang browser "Lock browser" feature to help you sweep the security of privacy concerns. You can quickly lock yourself into a Zhang browser by setting a shortcut key such as "Ctrl+alt+z". The browser must enter the account password to unlock, no longer worry about others while you are not looking at the browsing information.

Lock browser

As with "Privacy browsing mode", the "Lock browser" feature allows you to easily lock your browsing content while you're away, by pressing the shortcut key. Only enter the account password, you can look back to see the content of the Web page, or anyone can not understand the current user information. It also enhances the trace cleanup function, including "Smart Address bar Data" and "last not closed page list" and so on, can almost erase all the traces of the Internet browsing process.

RSS reader

Google announced that it will officially shut down the RSS feed service Google Reader, do you find the right alternative? Proud Zhang Browser for you to provide a powerful RSS subscription function, so that you can receive the latest information, and directly import Google Reader data, simple and powerful and easy to use.

RSS Import Export

Proud Tour RSS reader is a very small lightweight tool, with discovery, subscription, reading and other functions. There is no need to install additional plug-ins, it is easy to click in the sidebar on the left side of the browser.

External Tools

No matter how many functions are developed, there will be more user requirements can not be satisfied. Proud Zhang Browser "External tools" feature, allowing users to put Third-party software into which, no matter what tools you want to use, can be used "external tool" to start it, convenient and quick. and proud Zhang browser independent side of the sidebar to pave the same, there are similar to the wonderful.

External tool related buttons

Click on the Zhang browser toolbar "External Tools" button, you can immediately start your other commonly used programs, and you can add, delete, drag, and highly customizable.


Users who use XP must be envious of Win7 's folder Instant Search feature, proud Zhang browser lets you easily experience the Instant folder search function.

Resource Manager related

Enter "C:" In the address bar to intelligently identify and enter the appropriate hard drive. Now in the upper-right corner of your keyword, you can experience in XP Win7 real-time search function.

Developer Tools

As the WebKit kernel browser debugging front end of the tool, "Developer Tools" in the proud circle also prestigious. Developer tools including Dom interface view, CSS style view and decomposition, JS set breakpoint debugging, WebStorage storage Status View and edit, command line, such as intimate functions, easy to debug Web pages. At the same time, developers can also store bookmarklet to save some of the common debugging tools and Plug-ins of the portal. Among them proud Zhang browser also provides the "small window", facilitates everybody in the relatively closed environment completes the development, but does not affect the daily Internet behavior.

Proud of the use of Zhang browser developer tools

Currently, developer tools only exist in the WebKit kernel mode, and can be opened simply by tapping the "F12". The developer tools have several major features: element, page resource, script, timeline, unit test, storage, control Panel, network. "". "."

Although these features are very faint in the city, it is not so obvious, but they are proud of the Zhang browser medium you to find. The above small series to introduce the function, are proud Zhang browser's native function, unlike other browsers need extended support to achieve. Proud tour by virtue of its full-featured, easy to use features in the deep user favorite.

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