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You know, proud. Zhang Browser is a cross-platform and provides a comprehensive cloud service browser. However, in the user interaction, AO Tour In fact also provides a platform for everyone to share-proud to travel community.

In the Proud tour community, users can be anywhere to share the use of Zhang browser experience, mood and new things around. In order to better show the user community, we will be through the original to the proud tour community for a more systematic introduction, and welcome to experience.

Proud Zhang Browser is the industry's first effective way to get through a variety of browsing devices in the next generation of browsers. Relying on the strong across the platform Cloud services, proud Zhang users from a single device or platform completely liberated, providing a truly seamless browsing experience, so that seamless browsing in people's lives become a reality.

Proud Tour Community forum content distribution

Proud tour of the community with a proud browser growth, has now developed into a stable user volume of such a comprehensive forum. The content of the forum is not only a product version of the update news, but contains a number of forums Forum information Integrated Forum platform.

Home Page Key resources of Proud tour forum

To enter the home of the forum, we see the first interface is proud to travel the community home. Here, many of the posts in the community can be easily browsed, of course, these are some of the more popular or important posts, such as proud Zhang browser version of the release of the note posted.

Travel Forum Home Page Resources

Here we also found a lot of the use of red font to mark the title of the post information. In fact, these posts will be described in front of the key posts, such as version update description and so on, there is the interaction between users more frequent posts, popular posts and so on.

Proud Zhang Browser version update posts

We found a marked red post to enter, in fact, this is a proud Zhang browser version of the update description of the post.

Users to share posts with tips

In addition, more is the user exchange between users of the post is also very prominent, we see a post is the user posted a message to each other to discuss the use of sharing the skills, their own experience and so on.

The Community life section of Proud tour

In addition, in the proud tour of the community, which has a section very close to the ordinary daily entertainment, that is, community life. Here, users can be related to film and television resources to share, community committees and other aspects of interactive services. Let's take a look at this community of living, the user here can get what kind of rich service.

The Community life section of Proud tour

First See proud Tour community life section, see the first project is film and television resources to share, as the name suggests it is easy to understand which aspect of the content plate. We can be here in time to learn about the latest people's film and television information, popular film and television download and share, the experience of viewing experiences.

Share of film and television resources

In the life of the plate, the user gets the film and television resources to share, in fact, is a more gratifying thing, because in many times, people want to understand the latest movie news, you may need to log into a number of specialized video sites, or a comprehensive portal to look up. In addition, if you still need to download these popular movies, you need to find other download channels. Here you only need to open the video area of the post, perhaps you can find the film and television share you need.

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