Provide ft for virtual machines

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After enabling the vsphere ft feature in the cluster, you can turn on the FT feature for each virtual machine. Before you open ft, you need to perform multiple checks on the virtual machine, including the need to enable SSL certificate checking in the Vcenter server settings, the host must be in a vsphere ha cluster or a hybrid cluster that contains vsphere ha and DRS; virtual machines may not have multiple CPUs Virtual machines must not have snapshots, virtual machines must not be templates, vsphere HA must not be disabled for virtual machines, virtual machines must not have 3D enabled video devices, etc.

When the FT feature is turned on, VCenter server cancels the virtual machine's memory limit setting and sets the memory reserve value to the memory size of the virtual machine. When FT remains open, memory reservations, size, limits, and shares cannot be changed. When the FT feature is turned off, any parameters that have changed are not restored to their original values.

Step 1 before opening the FT feature, to meet the network requirements of FT, you must create an FT logging and vmotion network,

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Step 2 in the cluster setup, meet the FT cluster requirements to create and enable a vsphere ha cluster. Check the "Open vsphere HA" checkbox in the cluster settings,

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Step 3 Check whether the ESXi host CPU supports the FT instruction, if not supported, will open the FT times wrong, (here I used the virtual machine test, mainly due to the virtual machine opened)

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Step 4 Right-click on a virtual machine and choose fault tolerance "open fault tolerance" in the Popup shortcut menu, 650) this.width=650; src= Wyfs02/m01/54/6d/wkiom1sb1kyhfx_caau450oqxcg840.jpg "title=" Qq20141205231013.png "alt=" wKiom1SB1Kyhfx_ Caau450oqxcg840.jpg "/> Step 5 because EVC is not enabled in the cluster, all when you open the FT, a prompt pops up, prompting you to turn off the DRS feature. Click "Yes" button,

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When the FT is enabled, the prompt will replace the VMDK,

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Qq20141205231054.png "alt=" wkiol1sb1xfyfwbyaaxexwa61b8899.jpg "/> after the reload is complete, a specific virtual machine is designated as a virtual machine and a secondary virtual machine is established on another host. The primary virtual machine is now enabled for fault tolerance. The virtual machine runs on the ESXi10.128.114.74, and the FT protects the copy running on the,

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Provide ft for virtual machines

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