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When we browse the Internet, we often need to view the source code of the HTML file for the Web page. In IE7, to achieve this, not much different from the IE6, the operation is quite simple, simply click the right mouse button in the blank of the page select View Source file or select View Source from the Drop-down menu of the page button, IE7 is the default startup Notepad to display the HTML file for the corresponding page.
This article provides a simple technique for viewing Web page source files in IE7.
Use a different editor to view source files
Notepad is relatively simple, many friends prefer to use a third party text file editor, such as UltraEdit, then, if the IE7 to view the source files of the Web page automatically call our favorite text editor instead of the default Notepad?

Enter "regedit" in the Start menu search box and press ENTER to open Registry Editor.

Windows Vista will pop up the appropriate UAC prompt window, enter the administrator password or confirm;

Locate the following registry branch: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\view Source editor\editor Name if the corresponding registry key is not present, create it;

Modify the default registry key value under this branch to the text editor absolute path you want to use, such as "C:\Program FILES\IDM Computer Solutions\ultraedit-32\uedit32.exe"

Disable/enable security hints for protected mode

As we all know, in order to make browsing network more secure, Microsoft introduced a security policy named "Protection mode" in IE7, in the protected mode, IE7 run with lower privileges to avoid malicious Web page invoke external executable program to modify system settings. Therefore, in the default settings for IE7, when you want to view the HTML code for the Web page and call a text editor such as Notepad, a prompt window called Internet Explorer security is displayed, asking the user to confirm it.

This is certainly a very useful feature, not that in many cases, especially for skilled users, it is annoying to show such a warning window again if you know that there is no problem with the page you are looking for.
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