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With the development of the routing market, the demand is also very high. Many people may not understand the specific methods of modular routers. It does not matter. After reading this article, you will certainly have a lot of GAINS, I hope this article will teach you more things. With the development of network technology and the expansion of network services, broadband and IP have become the inevitable trend of development, this trend not only puts forward higher requirements for modular routers in terms of reliability, interface density and configuration flexibility, route computing, packet forwarding rate, and multi-service support.

Modular routers are the main building blocks in today's networks. They are the key to obtaining network layer services. modular routers play a revolutionary role in promoting network development. Only after the emergence of a modular router can we solve the connection problem between the LAN and the man well and solve the communication between different networks in a larger scope.

Currently, the modular router of the traditional fixed interface cannot meet the varied networking requirements of users, because the network interface type and number of interfaces of the Fixed Interface router are fixed. Once the network needs to be upgraded, the original equipment had to be discarded and re-purchased, resulting in serious repeated investment. Secondly, with the popularization of the network, it is impossible to have a network model that can be applied to all users, each user puts forward requirements that suit their own characteristics to make full use of the network and protect the original investment. As a key network device, the fixed interface router cannot meet these requirements to a large extent. As a result, the modular router emerged and soon became a popular product in the network market.

At present, the modular router has become a key choice for users and manufacturers. The main reasons are as follows. Compared with a common modular router, a modular router has the biggest advantage in that its interfaces adopt modular design. Different types of interface modules can be selected based on different users' needs, you can also add or replace the interface module to meet your needs for resizing and business development in different application environments to protect your original investment.

Another advantage of a modular router is that the network is no longer limited by the modular router interface form. Not only can each user select the appropriate port module size based on their own needs, in this way, the network needs to be more closely aligned with the user's application requirements. As the user's business develops, the scale of network interfaces can be adjusted at any time, realizing the real-time follow-up of services by the network, it provides users with more timely services. In addition, because the modular router itself is very scalable, users can maintain the lowest total cost of ownership at any stage. The following describes several modular routers.

Cisco 3640 is a family of modular, multi-function access platforms suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises and Internet service providers. Cisco 3640 has over 70 modular Interface Options that provide voice/data integration, virtual private network (VPN), dial-up access, and multi-protocol data routing solutions.

Cisco 3640 integrates dial-up access, advanced LAN-to-lan routing services, ATM connections, and various business integration of voice, video, and data on a single platform. Cisco 3640 allows customers to merge voice, fax, and data traffic on a single network by using Cisco's voice/fax network module. The high-performance modular architecture protects customers' network technology investments and integrates the functions of multiple devices into a manageable solution. 3640 bundling can also be used to seize specific RAS opportunities. Cisco 3640 pre-configured BRI and PRI modem bindings. Supports Modem-over-BRI functionality. Cisco IOS software is integrated (product pricing includes ip ios software ). VPN is fully supported. In addition, the Cisco IOS Firewall feature set provides security protection against network intrusion.


The Cisco 3640 modular and scalable design provides performance, scalability, flexibility, and investment protection. The series of modular routers provide excellent flexibility and investment protection for network administrators and service providers through a compact, single-device solution. They provide higher flexibility, performance, memory capacity, and service density to meet users' current and future needs.

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