Proxy creation of Oracle Data integrator

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In turn, this article describes how to create the standalone agent, physical agent, and logical agent for the ODI 12c. The meanings of the three agents are as follows:

First, create standalone Agent

Create a new domain, the domain location is defined according to the actual situation, where the default location is used, next.

Using template creation, select Oracle Data integrator-standalone collocated Agent, next.

Define the administrator account, next.

The domain pattern is divided into two types: development and production, where the development model is used, and the next step.

Database configuration type, where the RCU data is used, the relevant parameter values are entered, and the next step.

Component data source, using the default configuration, next.

JDBC Test, Next.

In the advanced configuration, depending on the actual situation, select the node Manager and the system components, the next step.

Management Server, Next.

Node Manager configuration, next.

system components, default values, next.

Define the ODI server configuration information, next.

Define the computer information, next.

Assign system components, next.

To configure the profile, click "Create".

Configuration is complete.

Second, configure the physical Agent

The physical agent is a background process for an operating system that communicates between the TCP/IP port and the ODI.
In the topology bar of the ODI, in the physical architecture, right-click on "Proxy" and select "New Agent", such as:

Enter the relevant information and click "Save".

Third, configure the logical Agent

In the logical architecture of the ODI topology bar, right-click on "Proxy" and select "New Logical Agent", such as:

Select the corresponding physical agent and click "Save".

Iv. start and test the agent
--先启动nodemanager再启动agent[[email protected] bin]$  cd /u01/app/oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin[[email protected] bin]$ ./ &[[email protected] bin]$ ./ OracleDIAgent1

Then click on the physical agent's test for verification, such as:

Proxy creation of Oracle Data integrator

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