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First, preliminary preparation:

Rainy Sky is usually foggy, all kinds of plants do not have the sun exposure also appears to be more gloomy, no vitality, so in the early preparation, to choose the color-rich props for the gray scene to increase color. At the same time, models of clothing can be a variety of matching, elements rich. The choice of the scene is preferably the lawn or the wheat field this has the color background, facilitates the later processing. If you choose a gray background, plus the gray of the sky will appear more dark.

Here is the contrast diagram, the theme is far from what I imagined. Select the more Coan wheat field, the yellow wheat fields just can balance the gloomy rainy days. Props selected the color of the flag, on the one hand, added a variety of color elements, on the other hand in the wind blowing under the banner is very scene atmosphere, highlighting the theme.

Two, simple 3 steps for the film to add warmth and cure the Wind

Early preparation, the screen has some of the basis of color, the latter is mainly to highlight the characters, to increase the warmth of the elements.

First step, raw format fine-tuning

Cloudy and rainy skies are partly brighter and whiter, and thus depress high light. The character's hair and other parts are darker, so the black part is highlighted. The overall comparison of heavy will make the film heavier, so reduce contrast. Adjust the parameters and adjust the film as follows:

The second step, the film into the PS, with the plug-in exposure to amend

Exposure is a very good palette plug-in, which has a lot of black-and-white and color effects, as well as simulate the effect of light, select the effect of heating system, increase the sense of light, the film has a warm healing system feeling.

The third step is to revise the character color and the whole color in PS

After the plug-in processing can find the overall feeling of the film has been warm, only need to beautify the characters and strengthen the warmth of the elements can be.

Rain days to shoot portrait, no sun irradiation, the skin will appear more dark, not transparent. Therefore, the skin of the character is illuminated with a curved mask, and the skins are properly liquefied. To make your face look better, use an optional color mask to adjust the skin, especially where the lip needs to be added red. For the background with an optional color mask makes the film background yellow more colorful. Finally, the overall saturation can be improved to make the color more vivid and warmer. See below for specific parameters:

Finally for the film to increase the dark angle, complete!

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