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Want to know what more efficient way to play Adobe Camera Raw? To see today's Tutorial! I shared with you yesterday the ACR color preset tips, today continue to share a new, also can be a key palette, attach 950 preset free download, to collect! We open the preset folder for PS, You will find that there are not only global adjustments such as "color Lookup" and other presets, there are many other types of presets such as brushes, actions, styles and so on; then we open the ACR installation folder, although it does not have a clear "presets" Preset folder like PS, But look at the name of each subfolder to know that there are also goods, as shown in addition to the settings are already talked about the color preset, like Cameraprofiles, Curves, localcorrections Three folders are also stored in the preset place. Let's introduce each of the following.

Cameraprofiles, Camera calibration configuration file, is a special application of lossless raw picture of a setting, as the name suggests is according to the different camera standards on the image of the calibration, this understanding of photography students will be more clear, intuitive is the installation of the preset, will be shown in the location of the map to find rich settings, can also be a key for the picture palette. PS: This feature is not suitable for images in JPG format.

Curves, Curve, curve should be very familiar with the function, as in PS, there is a curve preset, this is to store the ACR Curve Preset folder, but the two preset file record mode is not the same, ACR curve is still XMP file, as shown in the following diagram, When the curve preset is installed, you can apply a curve palette in a drop-down menu.

Localcorrections, which is a local adjustment preset, is for the adjustment brush, gradient filter, and mirror filter three local rendering tools. As can be seen from the following figure, local adjustment we can also save their own settings, of course, can also share their own settings for others to use. When a preset is installed, a preset appears in the box on the right side of the diagram.

These are the small mysteries of the ACR directory to share, and of course several other folders are also useful, and want to see the official help for further information. And finally, the big weekend benefits, a very good set of ACR presets, with the three presets we described above, and the Palette settings preset (up to 950 copy-style), PS: After decompression, Simply copy and paste the presets into each folder in the corresponding ACR directory by copying them individually.

In addition, there are two ways to apply the Settings palette preset, one is directly in bridge in the right click on the picture in the Drop-down menu select "Development Settings" to open the preset menu, select it. Another method, as shown in the diagram, is to select Apply presets directly on the right triangular point of the ACR panel.

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