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First, introduce what is lomography:

Lomography is the trademark of Austrian Lomographische AG, which offers products and services related to photography. The name of Lomography originates from optical manufacturer Lomo Corporation. In the 1980 's Lomo company produced 35 centimeters of fully automatic camera Lomo lc-a, this product became the core of lomography marketing.

In the 1991, the founder of Lomography discovered the Lomo lc-a camera, attracted by its special, vivid, and sometimes blurred photographs. After a series of international art exhibitions and active marketing work, Lomography and Lomo Company signed an exclusive distribution agreement.

Lomography represents a photographic experience that, with no constraints, returns to the photographic recording of the source of photography. Its characteristics are excessive saturation, imbalance exposure, fuzzy and so on. Lomography encourages easy and enjoyable filming, using these techniques to record daily life, especially Lomo lc-a camera features small, simple controls that can be photographed in dim light.

Lomography Chinese name is called body Layer photography, the main effect of this tutorial is to use the noise filter and some adjustment layer, first look at the effect of comparison.

The following tutorial begins by opening a picture of 3 little girls running and frolicking

Add curve adjustment layer, adjust the curve to sister Furong's S shape, increase image contrast

Add a curve adjustment layer, the red and green blue channel are adjusted separately

The effect is as follows

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