PS Adjusts the dark interior portrait to a soft warm hue

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Dark picture color matching is relatively complicated, because the image after the light, the character skin parts will be more defects, need to give the character a little bit of skin, and then slowly polish.


1, open the character material map, copy a layer, habit.

2, with the repair brush tool to repair the face of the potholes, look at the repair, almost good on the line (figure I).

Figure I

Figure II

3, and then use the skin filter appropriate grinding skin, I use the Noiseware Professional Edition, numerical settings such as Figure two, this can retain texture.

4, I intend to warm the effect of the picture is cold, so add color balance adjustment layer for fine-tuning, numerical settings such as Figure three, figure four, figure five.

Figure Three

Figure Four

Figure Five

5, the screen is now relatively dark, add color levels to highlight the highlights, the opacity is set to 37% (Figure VI).

Figure Six

Figure Seven

6, adjusted to find the character's neck is green, so add an optional color adjustment layer, the yellow was fine-tuned, and then stamped layer (figure seven).

7, Add curve adjustment layer, Laiti screen, opacity set to 46% (Figure VIII, figure IX, Figure 10).

Figure Eight

Figure Nine

Figure 10

8, stamped layer, filter-other-high contrast retention, layer mode set to overlay (Figure 11, Figure 12).

Figure 11

Figure 12

This is to enhance the edge, sharpening effect.

9, change the exposure angle, add exposure adjustment layer (Figure 13).

Figure 13

10, stamped layer, the implementation of the filter-sharpening-further sharpening, and then edit-fade further sharpening 50%.

11, in order to make the shadow heavier, added a black and white adjustment layer, the default value, layer blending mode to overlay, opacity is 11% (Figure 14).

Figure 14

12, new layer, fill #ffdcc6, the pattern is changed to overlay.

Final effect

13, stamped layer, and then the characters on the hands of the ring and the eyes sharpening tool sharpening tools, and then change the image size, I changed the width is 1000px, to complete the final effect.

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