PS Advanced Grinding Technology: d&b technology (Hyperbolic grinding skin method) fine Repair Drawing Tutorial

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The so-called D&B technology is the most commonly used to repair the map of the foreign countries ~ This method is the core of the Dodge&burn is basically derived from the previous calculation of the skin, but this will calculate the work of the constituency to the creator himself, not necessarily the curve to achieve dodge& Burn requirements for color bands or mixed-mode changes whatever it is. This is a complete upgrade, especially with two black layers, making it easier to highlight details. But I can only say that this method is very troublesome, very troublesome, very detailed and detailed. A common makeup face with the mouse for a few hours at all, the premise is also need a good mouse. In commercial high-end repair map, skin treatment accounted for a large proportion of time. D&b technology is often used as a link, it is characterized by the basic does not change the texture of the skin, the skin and color patches uneven has a good effect, the equivalent of "facial cleanser." Master to repair a picture sometimes 10 hours, in what? The answer is clear. Photo Studio customers and general photography enthusiasts are not very high requirements of the picture is not generally used this method, PS Automatic point will save a lot of time. But the machine is always machine, he no one clever, hehe ~ Also some people call it: Hyperbolic grinding Skin Method ~

D&B is the abbreviation of Dodge&burn ~ meaning is to reduce light and deepen ~ The top two black layers are used for reference and observation, convenient to draw the mask; the hyperbola is the dark, light, the key in the mask. We will understand after reading the tutorial! In fact, there should be a lot of experts know this technology ~ but may be based on a variety of reasons not willing to release ~ I just jiehuaxianfo ~ nonsense less say ~ Start posting:


The foreign repair picture teacher repaired ~ is much better than I repaired ~

I repaired the effect ~ The effect is much worse ~:

The following steps begin:

First, the preparatory work:

1, the establishment of "observer."

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