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This foreign high-quality translation tutorial will share with you the best free PS plug-in, hoping to help you use Photoshop for 25 years. Over the past 25 years, Photoshop has had a huge impact on the world. We all know that Photoshop is one of the most powerful and best-to-use image processing software, and the existence of many PS plug-ins can greatly improve the performance of Photoshop and improve the processing efficiency of Photoshop. This foreign excellent translation tutorial will share with you the best free PS plug-in, hoping to help you use Photoshop.

Photoshop has been born for 25 years.

01. virtualPhotographer

If you do not have enough time to map your photography work, or you do not have enough confidence in your photography technology, virtualPhotographer is definitely a quick and effective helper to help you quickly implement complex and excellent design works.

Issuer: Optik Verve Labs

Fee: Free

Target Audience: designers and photographers

Figure 01

02. WebZap

Although many web designers advocate designing in browsers, many designers are still used to creating interfaces in Photoshop. However, the problem here is that Photoshop was originally designed as a graph repair software. although it is very powerful at present, it is still a little bulky in processing web page design.

The WebZap plug-in is designed for web designers. WebZap helps you create a layout based on the 960 mesh system. a page is divided into three parts by navigation, features, and folding. In addition, WebZap can help you quickly add buttons, create text, and design the entire layout and style of text.

Issuer: Cazoobi Creative Solutions

Fee: Free

Target Audience: Web designers

Figure 02


If you want to download the free icon, Freepik released a tool that can help you complete the process, that is, This is the largest free vector icon database that allows you to download thousands of images. Svg ,. Psd ,. Png icon. At the same time, this PS plug-in also features that it can quickly find the icons you need without leaving your work environment.

Figure 03

04. CSS3PS

CSS3PS is a free plug-in tool for converting Photoshop coatings into CSS3 coatings through cloud computing. it can fully implement all the effects that can be expressed with CSS. Therefore, shadow, outshine, text, and rounded corners can be automatically converted to CSS3. This is quite time-saving for web designers.

Table issuer: CSS3PS

Fee: Free

Target Audience: Web designers

Figure 04

05. Perfect Effects 3 Free

Perfect Effects 3 Free is a Free tool for getting image Effects quickly, whether it's color processing, adding textures and sounds, or adding creative boundaries. This PS plug-in is similar to a function Effect Library (similar to the filter gallery of PS image processing software), and allows you to add multiple effects for interesting new effects.

Issuer: onOne Software

Fee: Free

Target Audience: photographers and designers

Figure 05

06. SuperPNG

If you often use the PNG format, you will know that PS has some problems when rendering PNG images quickly. The SuperPNG plug-in can help you solve the PNG output problem and find a balance between the output speed and the file size, greatly improving the efficiency of PS rendering PNG.

Sender: fnord

Fee: Free

Target Audience: Designers

Figure 06

07. Wire Worm

Wire Worm is a free PS plug-in with a single, but clear purpose, that is, removing excess wires, fences, and similar obstacles in the picture. Its user interface is also quite simple. you only need to select an area around the wire or similar barrier, and then the PS plug-in will automatically delete it. The result after Wire Worm processing is very good. it can be said that there is no trace, of course, it is more than a lot of free points for it.

Sender: MV's Plugins

Fee: Free

Target Audience: Photographers

Figure 07

08. Tych Panel 2

The PS plug-in Tych Panel 2 allows you to easily create dual, triple, and multi-link panels in PS. Select the number of alignment, rows, and columns, or a hybrid layout. the Tych Panel 2 creates a layer for you to use smart objects and masks to avoid destructive effects during editing.

Sender: Lumens

Fee: Free:

Target Audience: photographers and designers

Figure 08

09. GuideGuide

GuideGuide is a simple and free PS plug-in that helps you create a PS document grid system, modify the built-in boot system and create a more precise grid that meets your requirements based on your selected settings. With GuideGuide, you can use a special negative margin column to define individual edges and troughs, and save your preferred solution for fast access in the future. In general, the GuideGuide plug-in not only helps your layout, but also applies to others.

Sender: Cameron McEfee

Fee: Free

Target Audience: Print & Web designers

Figure 09

10. Cut & Slice me

The Cut & Slice plug-in is only applicable to PS CS6 and can easily output your design from Photoshop to webpages. Compared with PS's built-in webpage output function, Cut & Slice provides a completely new method for you. it allows overlapping slices and multiple button states, different types of resolutions are output to adapt to different screen sizes and device resolutions.

Issuer: Daniel Peruho

Fee: Free

Target Audience: Web designers


11. Mr. Stacks

Mr. Stacks is a PS plug-in that combines your layers into a storyboard view and easily outputs your own layout in PDF to facilitate printing and sharing with others. Mr. Stacks's storyboard view makes it easy for you to create a story, and you can manually associate the original materials for output as needed.

Sender: Mr. Stacks

Fee: Free

Target Audience: photographers, designers and filmmakers


12. Freeware Boundary Noise ction

The full version of the PS plug-in Colormancer noise reduction plug-in. Compared with the Pro version, it provides a set of simplified user controls to help users quickly complete noise reduction.

Sender: Colormancer

Fee: Free

Target Audience: Photographers


13. Pano Warp

Although Photoshop provides Lens Correction, the Pano Warp plug-in provides a completely different method. With this PS plug-in, you can easily adjust the length, height, horizontal distortion, and other issues.

Sender: MV's Plugins

Fee: Free

Target Audience: Print & Web designers, photographers


14. NKS5 Natural Media Toolkit

This PS plug-in provides a new panel in PS CS5 and later versions, allowing you to quickly access the preset media effects panel to produce the most natural background files, such as watercolor effects.

Sender: Nkurence

Fee: Free

Target Audience: designers and artists


15. Sinedots II

If you are looking for a quick way to create random fluctuating images as the background art, this PS plug-in will help you. This looks complicated, but the effect is surprising.

Sender: Philipp Spoeth

Fee: Free

Target Audience: Designers

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