PS Automatic color level tutorial: Automatic contrast and automatic color

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Many beginners are always unable to handle the color of the photo. Don't worry, Photoshop is like a camera with a palette of "automatic", you can easily "automatic levels", "automatic Contrast" and "Automatic Color", this practical and efficient method in most cases can help us get better results, Now let us study together!

First, automatic color order

How to use the tutorial:

1, select [Image]→[adjust]→[levels] (shortcut key: Ctrl L), and then click the [Auto] button

2, or with the mouse to select [Image]→[adjust]→[automatic levels] (shortcut key: Ctrl shift L).

Two, automatic contrast degree

Select Menu Bar [image]→[adjust]→[Auto Contrast] (shortcut key: Alt Shift CTRL L)

Three, automatic color

Select Menu Bar [image]→[adjust]→[Auto Color] (shortcut key: Ctrl shift B)

Contrast chart before and after adjustment effect:


Effect chart

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