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As a love to play the sister paper, go out and good friends to take pictures is inevitable. All kinds of diffuse exhibitions are my favorites. But it's a headache to have a pile of pictures to return to a friend every time you go home. Most lazy children choose some simple and convenient beauty map software to bulk modify these photos. However, most of these beautiful software features a single, repair map traces are obvious, and some will reduce the picture quality. It's a pain in the neck! But everyone thinks, "The color of this filter is so beautiful!" This filter is very atmosphere. "So the like." I do not have such a big PS like smart filter features!

Yes, I want to tell you this time. Two very useful PS palette function. Match colors and color lookup.

Match color

The "Match color" feature is very early and long ago! But few people know how to use it. I'm here first to Geges yesterday's "dish".

I do not know if you have a picture of yourself, but do not like this color, and then find another color is very good image to replace the idea of color. For example, in the school before drawing a small picture and afraid of their own color, so take the master's picture to suck color painting and so on. (I don't know if everyone has done this). But the pictures are not drawn. How can you engrave the color of a picture onto another picture?

This is going to use the "Match color". With the match color command, you can match the color of one image (the source image) to the color of another image (the target image).

Open the two images you want to match (in different layers of the same file or in different files)

Select the image you want to change, and then select image → adjust → match color

The Matching color pop-up window will pop up. In the bottom of the "source" drop-down menu to find a picture of the color you want, select the picture after the selection of the "Layer" drop-down list box. You can select a layer from the source image of the color you want to match. If you want to match the color of all layers in the source image, select the merged command. Here because our images are a single background layer, only the background command can be selected in the Layer menu.

At the same time you can adjust the image options inside the brightness and color intensity to adjust the color screen. Click OK to complete the color match!

This is the approximate step, in turn, change the figure two to the hue of figure one appears the picture of the head picture.

Color Lookup

The "Color lookup" feature is likely to be known to few people and is used by fewer people. But it is as good as the filter inside the beauty of the tool Oh ~ What the day is small fresh, a po-color, the old film effect is not a cinch. As long as you get a good template file, it takes only a second to easily loosen up. The nice filters appear, ~!.

First of all, or open the picture you want to color. Then, in the middle of the bottom of the Layer window, find a circular icon in two halves, called "Create a new fill or adjustment layer." Clicking on it will appear with a menu bar. Select "Color Lookup" to open a new window!

Alternatively, you can call this command in the layer → new adjustment layer → color lookup.

The Color lookup window has three rows of options, but doesn't seem to understand? Don't be afraid, click the first Drop-down menu.

It seems that you can not understand it, do not understand, any point, and then use the mouse to scroll to see other effects. (I'm not going to show you the following two Pull-down menus, and the PSD template will see a variety of effects easily).

Color Lookup feature demo end.

Note that the "Color lookup" feature is in the PS CS6 version appears, you need CS6 version of the software to use this feature Oh!

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