PS Black and white photo coloring tutorial

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The final effect of the Photoshop Tutorial:

Let's start by introducing the advantages of adjusting layers:

1. Non-destructive editing: The adjustment layer is to create a new layer on the basis of the color and tonal adjustment, does not change the original image data, so the original image does not cause real changes.

2. Support for opacity and blending modes: Changing the opacity of the adjustment layer and blending mode can change the effect of the adjustment.

3. Can reduce the data loss during the image adjustment process

When we directly use such as color order, Chougon and other commands to adjust the image, we will lose a certain image data, but using adjustment layer to adjust the image can effectively reduce the loss of image data caused by multiple adjustments.

4. Support for selective editing: Use selections, masks, and so on to control the adjustment of the layer adjustment range, adjust the intensity.

5. You can apply adjustment layers to multiple layers: The adjustment layer applies the adjustment to all layers underneath it.

The specific production steps are as follows:

1, open the material, the picture from grayscale mode into CMYK mode. As shown in Figure 1-1

As shown in Figure 1-1

2, create layer group name for skin, select adjust Layer-Channel Mixer command, in the output channel options, choose Cyan, magenta, yellow channel to set, such as Figure 1-2, figure 1-3, figure 1-4.

Fig. 1-2 Figure 1-3 Figure 1-4 classification:

    • PS Image Processing
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