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First we create a document, the resolution can be higher, the picture quality will be better.

2: Select the font, enter the letter you need, press CTRL + the left mouse button click on the text layer thumbnail (that is, the T letter location), there will be a selection of ant Line box, a new layer on the type layer, using the gradient tool-rainbow effect, pull out the colorful effect.

3: Keep The original selection, select the menu bar selection-Modify-shrink, the selection of the contraction of 2 pixels, so that the more slender characters.

4: The shrinking layer will be copied out of 2 copies, respectively, make a filter-blur-Gaussian blur effect, a layer fuzzy larger, a smaller, in order to make hazy effect.

5: Create a new layer, fill the darker color, create a new layer above it, draw a rectangular selection using the rectangular marquee tool, and select the Feather Tool (accelerator shift+f6) to feather 20-100 pixels to soften the rectangle's edge line.

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6: Next is the decoration link, the spot can use the soft angle brush tool to choose different color scattered points around the letter, if want to make the reflection effect, just copy a copy of the colorful text, use ctrl+t deformation, right button "vertical flip" drag to the appropriate position, reduce the transparency.

7: In addition to the small text to be added in the same way, load the selection with the gradient tool in the rainbow effect fill.

8: Finally, with a good brush or other decorative material to adorn, a very good-looking neon word is completed.

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