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STEP01, draw the thickness of the fuselage

Draws a 350*350px rectangle with rounded corners of 60px, adding an intrinsic color to it: "#ba9b7a"

Then add light and shade changes to it (using gradient overlay):

When align with layer is selected, the gradient effect is bounded by the shape itself;

Where the light color block position is "0%", "15%", "85%", "100%", The color is "#dedede"

Where the dark color block position is "10%", "22%", "78%", "90%", The color is "#808080"

Where the middle color block position is "50%", its color is "#bfbfbf"

Students can see that with different lightness of gray superimposed on the original color, light-colored Gray will make the inherent color, dark gray will make the inherent color darkened, so that the use of this method can quickly create the texture of the object. Set good light and shade relationship, you can change the inherent color of the Oh!

STEP02, draw the fuselage

Before you draw, let us briefly introduce the new layout layer style interface

Opens a layer style with a small plus sign that can be duplicated;

The style of the same effect can be copied up to 10 times, with one style selected, can be adjusted up and down the order, can also be deleted (note: The same effect is also in the upper and lower order, that is, the effect will cover the effect below), although a style can be repeatedly added, but all the effects of the name is "stroke", and no "Stroke 1" "Stroke 2" of the distinction, so everyone in the normal work when the most repeated use of two or three times can achieve results!

If you want to restore the default list style, just open style management and choose Reset to Default list.

Open layer Style Select stroke to see a new feature for the Stroke option-overprint

"Overprint" means that the blending mode of the stroke effect is calculated with the layer itself, resulting in a new blending effect.

As we all know, in mixed mode, in addition to the "normal, dissolved" mode is not calculated with the underlying layer, the remaining pattern will be calculated with the underlying layer, to get a new blending effect.

We take "white overlay" as an example to see the difference before and after overprinting:

We can see

Non-overprint white strokes are superimposed on the blue background;

The white strokes that you choose to overprint, and the overlapping portions of the orange rectangle (inside, centered) are superimposed on the orange, without overlapping portions of the orange (external), still with the blue background.

(Note: The stroke overprint in the layer style is also calculated with the stroke in the shape, and the method we use next is to stack the strokes in the layer style with the strokes in the shape.)

OK, below we will use the new version of the layer style to do texture!

Copy a rounded rectangle, clear the layer style (alt+l+y+a), the shape fill color is "white", with the "Direct selection Tool" to select the top four anchor points, move down (shift+ arrow key) 35px;

Sets the stroke weight of the shape to 6 pixels, and the position defaults to "internal", and the color is "#8e7356";

The stroke color of this shape acts as the intrinsic color of the chamfer of the phone's border, and then adds a light and shade relationship to the layer-style stroke (overprint).

Prior agreement: The same style effect from bottom to top, numbered from 1 to 10

Add two stroke effects to it

Stroke 1: (as a chamfer of the light and shade relationship)

Where the light color block position is "12%", "40%", "66%", "90%", The color is "#d9d9d9"

Where the dark color block position is "0%", "25%", "53%", "78%", "100%", The color is "#808080"

Stroke 2: (The high light at the edge)

The effect of the following figure:

Draw 350*214px rectangle cut into rounded rectangle, fill color: "#d8b897", Stroke Color "#8e7356" (still as intrinsic color), stroke size of "2 pixels", the default "internal";

Add a layer style to it:

Gradient Overlay 1:

Gradient Overlay 2: (Do mirror light)

Stroke: (As a light and dark relationship)

Where the light color block position is "0%", "50%", "100%", The color is "#e5e5e5"

Where the dark color block position is "15%", "85%", The color is "#969696"

Then add the logo and name, the effect of the following figure:

Font with "source bold", logo on the internet to find a (let me steal a lazy bar, haha ha)


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