PS Certificate Photo typesetting process Tutorial Topics

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PS Certificate Photo typesetting process Tutorial Topics

Shooting standard photo-specific flash frame, using the main light, auxiliary light, light-emitting, background light four synchronous flash integrated lamp racks, all-metal steel, reasonable use of space, removable installation. Light frame fixed to take light distance, variable lighting angle, with its accurate output of light, ideal color temperature and portability, high reliability and become the standard imaging system of professional photography, suitable for the vast photo gallery, photo studio, personal studio, film studio and other professional collection imaging, photography documents [4], standard photos, Image and so on to meet the professional high speed synchronization requirements, but also effectively improve the sharpness and resolution of the photo, to promote a new realm of light.


One, the document photographs the movable special frame set

Maximum working height: 1960mm

Minimum working height: 700mm

Net Weight: 4.2kg

Max load bearing: 10.5kg

Max pipe Diameter: 30mm

Portable Box Box: 1200mm*600mm*660mm

Second, the license photo shoot special Flash set

Includes: main lamp, auxiliary lamp, hair lamp, background lamp each group and aluminum box packing a

Third, the document photo shoot background cloth set

Contains: Red, white and blue three kinds of specifications

Four, the Certification logo light box set

The main problem of document photo shooting

1, how to shine out the eyes more gather God only a point of light?

2, how to shine out the face more three-dimensional?

3, how 99% use to the camera pixel?

4. How to take pictures with your eyes?

License size

1 inches = 2.54 cm

Small 1-inch document photo (ID card head photo) 2.2*3.3cm

1-inch License 2.5*3.5cm

Small 2-inch voucher (passport) 3.3*4.8cm

2-inch License 3.5*4.5cm

5 inch 5x3.5 12.7*8.9cm

6 inch 6x4 15.2*10.2cm

7 inch 7x5 17.8*12.7cm

8 inch 8x6 20.3*15.2cm

10 inch 10x8 25.4*20.3cm

12 inch 12x10 30.5*20.3cm

15 inch 15x10 38.1*25.4cm

16x12 General size of 135 negatives enlarged.

Limit dimensions of 20x16135 negatives.

24x20 Photo Studio to enlarge the maximum size.

Corresponding dimensions of common documents

1-inch 25mmx35mm

2-inch 35mmx49mm

3-inch 35mmx52mm

Hong Kong and Macao Pass 33mmx48mm

Visa 50mmx50mm to the United States

Japanese Visa 45mmx45mm

Sophomore inch 35mmx45mm

Passport 33mmx48mm

Graduate Photo 33mmx48mm

ID Card 22mmx32mm Mainland second generation of identity card size to: 26mmx32mm (resolution 350DPI)

Driver's license 21mmx26mm

Che Zhao 60mmx91mm

Maximum size comparison of digital camera and print photo

5 million pixel effective 4915200, pixel 2560x1920. Removable photo size 17x13, diagonal 21 inch

4 million pixel effective 3871488, pixel 2272x1704. Removable photo size 15x11, diagonal 19 inch

3 million pixel effective 3145728, pixel 2048x1536. Removable photo size 14x10, diagonal 17 inch

2 million pixel effective 1920000, pixel 1600x1200. Removable photo size 11x8, diagonal 13 inch

1.3 million pixel effective 1228800, pixel 1280x960. Removable photo size 9x6, diagonal 11 inch

800,000 pixel effective 786432, pixel 1024x768. Removable photo size 7x5, diagonal 9 inch

500,000 pixel effective 480000, pixel 800x600. Removable photo size 5x4, diagonal 7 inch

300,000 pixel effective 307200, pixel 640x480. Removable photo size 4x3, diagonal 5 inch

As you can see from the table above:

5-inch photo (3X5), with 800x600 resolution

6-inch photo (4X6) with 1024x768 resolution

7-inch photo (5X7) with 1024x768 resolution

8-inch photo (6X9) with 1280x960 resolution

Notice when taking a document photo

1, first to the photographer that you want to know what the specifications of the license, including size, number of photos, photo background, specific uses, out of the way (is sure to wash the photos or ordinary printing on the line?). Of course, you should also ask when you can get the photos you want.

2, neat hairstyle is very important, men shave the beard, leaving the beard trim neatly, the lady needs to have some simple makeup face. The face is not shiny.

3, clothing as far as possible, do not have obvious wrinkles.

4. Take pictures with Spirit.

5, take pictures without tension, now mostly with digital cameras, so no but the heart of your expression is not good to waste the photographer's film.

Other photo tip

1 The best time to shoot, the morning after enough sleep, or the afternoon after lunch break, full of spirit, strong performance.

2 people with glasses, please wipe the lenses, correct the level of the frame, the conditions allowed to have a pair of eyeglasses frame. When shooting, push the frame high and push it tightly to prevent the frame from covering the eyes. The best degree of depth is to use the frame to avoid reflective lenses.

2 people of Special Body, please bring your own clothes to prevent inconvenience.

3 the night before shooting to reduce drinking water, to prevent the pouch appears.

3 If there is a special cosmetics can be brought, make-up artist will use, as appropriate, can be brought up with make-up remover and skin care products after unloading, timely removal of heavy whitewash, for the protection of the skin has a very important role.

4 people who have special photo request, please explain to the staff before taking the photo.

Certificate Photo Processing Tutorial:

1, skillfully with the PS of their own pictures cut typesetting as a document photo

2, PS photo processing tutorial (a): The license to change the bottom

3, PS photo processing tutorial (ii): License to dress up

4. PS Photo Processing Tutorial (iii): Document typesetting

5, the United States Mito self-made various documents according to save money quickly have wonderful strokes

6, Photoshop for people to change the background tutorial

7, Photoshop documents to make a photo of the method

8, PS application Image command quickly to color documents according to background change

9, Photoshop teach you to make a fast standard one inch document photo

10, Photoshop coloring for black and white children's documents

11, with the United States Mito production documents according to the background color change

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