PS changes the dynamic map of the Web into an animated tutorial of GIF signature files

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Sometimes on the internet to see the animated GIF animated map, but also want to get a, how to do it? This article teaches you to use PS to change the dynamic map of the web to their own GIF signature animation effect,

Like the classmate can follow to learn!

This thing really must have the patience, I estimated that few people will be able to make out well, I also not afraid of Rotten street

Effect Chart:

The original video is from cool six inside find, the original address love to eat to mention fart, you can download the best, can not download on my way

about how i download KU6 video, after watching the video, be sure to read .... I am clicking IE internet option ... General Tab---Browse the settings button in history ... Point down. Out an Internet temp file

and history Settings ... Then click to view the file .... (XP should be tool-internet options-settings-view files inside) Find your. flv in a number of files ... (You can sort by size or by type), don't say

I can't find it. There must be some ... Look for it slowly. All right, we got this file.

Use QQ audio and video to open your. flv file, right-click in the window, click on transcoding/intercept/merge, select Animation (GIF) intercept ... The interception process may not be very smooth, because the last 0 of this video. A few s are broken, no matter what, we

Just intercept the front, as pictured ....

Now import the GIF into your IR or PS ... Starting at about 18 frames, the head starts appearing.

IR is transferred to PS High version of PS without rotating, with imitation seal to clean the negatives. Ctrl+t my avatar into the same size as the bottom picture.

Layer selection to multiply the bottom, erase the water part ... A little bit of a gradient ... As pictured ...

At last give it an opacity, about 10%, okay, frame 18th is done.

After that is to repeat the above steps, the opacity gradually become larger, until you have all the frames after the change ... (Have a huge amount of work, be patient)

Finally, save it ... My tutorial is over ... I want to thank CCAV here for your audience. Thank you

Effect picture!

For the convenience of everyone, I put the truncated GIF on

    • PS Getting Started Tutorial
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