PS Channel image processing for temoerature negative punch photo effects

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Reverse film after the negative to get the photo color is gorgeous, the contrast is big, the scene of red, blue, yellow three-color especially exaggerated. Temoerature negative punch is more expressive in color, and its tonal exaggeration is color negative, but in the aspect of level performance, reverse negative impulse is inferior to negative impulse. Inverse negative punch is mainly applied to portrait photography and some scenery photos, the two kinds of shooting theme in the Temoerature negative, strong contrast, the main body prominent, colorful, so that the photo has a unique charm.

We have no temoerature, and it's hard to achieve negative flushes, but we can use Photoshop's special effects to mimic the effects of reverse negative flushes, where we use a lot of channels.

1. Open a picture in Photoshop. In the Channel Control Panel, select the blue channel, pull down the Image menu using the use of image instructions, select the reverse phase, mixed mode with a multiply, opacity of 50%, confirmed.

2. Choose the green channel, repeat the above operation, just set the opacity to 20%, confirm.

3. Choose the red channel, or use the application image instruction, the blending mode is set to color deepening, other do not set, confirm.

4. Adjust the levels of the bright and dark parts of the blue, green, and red channels with the color order.

Blue---21 0.76 151 Green---46 1.37 221 Red---51 1.28 255

5. Then the channel together, adjust the brightness contrast brightness of the----3, contrast +16

Select the image---adjust---hue/saturation---the saturation level to +17, confirm

To remember, this action will become a foundation for everyone, on the basis of which we can play a lot of tricks, here to post a first two days I do the picture effect:

Reverse negative punch A special effect is red, green, blue, yellow will be particularly conspicuous, in the screen made emphasis, compared to the original image can be seen separately.

To emphasize that using PS to make a reverse negative impact effect before this action, it is best not to make any changes to the picture first, such as not to adjust the level of contrast and so on, in other words, it is best to open the original image directly click action to reverse negative effect adjustment, because this will affect the image from the beginning of the pigment, Retain the pigment is to use PS of a point of frequent attention, the original image of the pigment damage that the entire picture can repair the space is less and fewer.

This is when I open the original image directly using the reverse negative punch action effect.

The picture adjusted the basic color came out, but there are some gaps from the finished product, such as color, sharpness and so on, we can make the following adjustments. If we need to add yellow, so that the yellow in the screen more prominent, then you can adjust the yellow saturation.

The process of sharpening is this:

1, converted to Lab color mode, select the Brightness channel, USM Sharpening, parameters for the number 100%, Radius 2, Threshold 2;

2, select a channel, Gaussian blur, radius 1, choose b Channel, Gaussian blur, radius 1;

3, convert back to RGB color mode.

In the sharpening method that I have tried, the effect described above is the best, I also made the action, very convenient. I personally like to sharpen the big picture, although reducing the image after sharpening the effect of a few, but the larger picture sharpening after the reduction can be retained more details, sometimes a action after sharpening the effect is not ideal so you can do it again, this sharpening method on the original original damage is relatively low.

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