PS Channel to create alternative tonal effect

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Final effect Diagram

1, open the original, image--pattern--lab color, and copy a layer.

2, performing image-calculation, the following figure set:

3, open the channel surface, we can find that after just the calculation, generated Alphal channel.

4, CTRL + a All selected Alphal Channel, CTRL + C copy, activate a channel, CTRL + V paste.

5, back to the layer board, add a mask, black brush in the area to retain the color of the smear.

6, merge the layer, the image mode back to the RGB mode, you can adjust the overall tone.

7, before merging, you can also change the background copy blending mode and then merge, different blending mode will have different effects. The following is the effect of changing the overlay mode, you can also try other modes of effect.

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