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Careful analysis before you pull the map is essential. Be aware of the need to pick up parts of the composition, and then choose the quickest way. Tutorial material picture Figure hair tone is relatively single, background color is also relatively single, using the channel to pull the map is very fast.


< small map view big picture >

Final effect 1

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Final Effect 2

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1, Copy layer 1, enter the channel, observe the red, green and blue three channels, found that the red channel of black and white contrast effect most obvious, the more obvious the easier to pull out, it chose it.

2, drag and drop the red channel to the following "Create new channel" (with corner) icon or directly right-click Select "Copy Channel" to produce red channel copy.

3, select the image-Calculation command.

4, pop-up calculation panel, in the mixed mode to choose "overlay" or "strong light" mode, you can make the black area more black, white more white. Are you sure.

5, the determination will generate an alpha channel (in short, when the selection is to be stored after the calculation, Photoshop converts the portion of the selection to white, the remainder into black and into a new channel, which is called the alpha channel, which makes it easier and more accurate to select the desired selection. Once not selected well, can also be calculated again, generate ALPHA2, ALPHA3, etc., no longer repeat.

White hair is the object we want to pull out, so we have to dispose of it out of gray or grey. With the foreground color black, click the Brush tool, soften 30 pixels, opacity about 30%, smear in the extra white and gray areas to make it black and disappear. The upper right corner of the border with the hair tip should be painted with a smaller brush, not blunt.

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