PS Color Matching production of beautiful white snow

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The Photoshop Palette tutorial is to learn to use PS color Matching production of pure white snow, mainly used material photos, optional color adjustment layer, cloud brush, Gaussian blur, blending mode, snow brush and layer mask. The final photo becomes pure white, beautiful, white snowflakes flying all over the sky. Like this photo effect of the people may wish to learn to see, refueling.


  The specific production steps are as follows:
J ' O ' Q, o# U) x
Step 1

Using PS to open the material photos, direct observation of the photos of the yellow is relatively deep, because the snow is mainly white, need to adjust first.

  Step 2

Create a new optional color adjustment layer, set as follows. Pull out the beautiful white hue.

  Step 3 {* L7 g% |4 v/t "j+ e

Create a new layer, press CTRL + SHIFT +alt +E the stamped layer.

  Step 4

Create a new blank layer and select a cloud brush. The foreground color is set white.

Draw as shown in the figure.

  Step 54 M7 F (?& S "W6 ^1 C

This step is to create a snowy effect.

Create a new layer and fill it with black.

Perform filter-noise-add noise, set as shown in figure.

Perform an image-adjust-threshold value, set as follows.

Then execute the filter-blur-Gaussian blur, radius 0.8 pixels.

Now the effect.

  Step 68 b! T i "R0 Y7 C0 ~/J9 O8 P4 P

Modify the blending mode of the layer to "color filter". Add a layer mask and smear the characters with a black brush.

  Step 74 ^4 b6 q-h+ Y7 J
Create a new layer and select a snowflake brush.

Draw as shown in the figure. Also add a layer mask and use a black brush to smear the character part.


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