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This tutorial is to the Friends of the triple to introduce how to use PS to make a fresh white border square camera icon, the tutorial made the camera picture is very beautiful, although the icon looks a bit complicated, but the author in the drawing of each layer is decomposed. We just need to follow the author's diagram and control the proportions of each part so that we can do it quickly. Final effect

Create a new 400 * 300 pixel file, using the vector tool to pull out a rounded square of the following figure, plus a gradient effect.

Second, to the icon base to increase the thickness and light source, I used 2 layers of style.

Use the vector tool to pull out a circle of the following figure, plus the gradient effect, combined with the above figure.

Four, draw metal base part (divided into 7 parts: projection A, base B, light and Dark junction CD, Gao Guang E, concave FG).


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