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In this tutorial, I will share with my friends how to create a photo album of ultra-beautiful Movie and Film. The album produced in this tutorial is very good and difficult. I recommend it to my home, let's take a look. today, I will share with you how to create a photo album with ultra-beautiful movie film. The tutorial is really good and worth learning. I recommend it to my feet. let's take a look!


Create a "100*80" px file, fill it in white, and then use the rectangle tool to pull out a rectangle box and fill it in black,

Then run "Select-modify-smooth" and set the value to 5,

Then execute "edit-define paint preset" and save the settings,

Create a 800 * 600px file, pull out a rectangle, and fill it in black,

Select the paint brush tool, press F5 to find the saved paint brush, and set the interval to 217%,

Then press the shift key and set the foreground color to white. drag and drop the film edge, adjust the paint brush size, and draw a rectangular box in the middle,

Drag your favorite photo to the box in the middle (you can use a mask to modify it). here we will not detail it, and then execute "image-image adjustment-" clockwise 90 Degrees ""

Then, execute "filter-twist-shear" to adjust your favorite state,

Then, execute "image-image adjustment-90 degrees counter-clockwise ".

The above is an introduction to how PS makes ultra-beautiful film album effects. The operation is very simple. have you learned it? Hope to help you!

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