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The final effect diagram surface does not look very distinctive, only a gray picture, but please press "Ctrl + A" Select All. Is it possible to see the original gray picture into a color. is not very magical, like the quick to try it.

Final effect

< Please press CTRL + A to view >


1, a new 2 * 2 pixel document, to determine the document to enlarge to 1600%, select the lower left corner and the upper right corner of the two pixel fill black, you can also use a single pixel of the pencil directly coated.

Select Menu: Edit > Define pattern, then name, name yourself.

2, open the original material, into the channel panel, a new channel, the Executive menu: Edit > Fill, select Pattern fill, pattern selection just defined point point.

When the fill is complete, the new channel looks like Gray. Click the "Create Selection" icon in the channel panel to bring up the selection.

Click RGB in the channel to return to the layers panel.

3, press CTRL + J to copy the selection part of the picture to the new layer. In fact, so far, is to create a new hollow layer, this layer is the original picture every pixel to select a grid, if the background fill white, zoom in to see the layer is very obvious.

4. Press CTRL + U to adjust the hue/saturation of the new layer so that the hollow layer is the opposite of the original image hue.

At this time you found that the color of the photo disappeared, in fact, to enlarge, the color is still there.

From the layers panel, see Clearly, color information exists.

5, now merge all layers, and save. In particular, due to the process of JPEG compression, is to merge the hue of nearby pixels, if saved to JPEG format, compression ratio is too high, adjacent pixel hue will be merged, the production process is meaningless, the final image will become a true grayscale image.

So be sure to note that if you choose to save as a JPEG image, the quality should be more than 7, if saved as a Web image, the quality should be more than 60%.

Final effect:

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