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The tutorial introduces the production of beautiful bright crystal word effects. Train of thought: the use of the production is usually some of the usual operations, but in the hands of the master can be made very bright effect, very admire the author's creativity and artistic accomplishment! Look forward to the author more excellent tutorials and works!

Final effect

1. Set the background color to blue (#:0000ff), black back color, select diameter to gradient tool, and make the effect as shown in Figure 1.

< map 1>

2, input text. Perform Layer-delete-text commands to convert the text layer to a layer. Execute selection-Load a selection command to load a selection of text. Go to the Channel Control Panel and click the Store as Channel button below the panel to save the text selection in the channel, generating alpha 1. The selection for the saved text is prepared for the next action.

3, keep the text of the constituency. Press the Alt+cltl+d key to eject the Feather dialog box, set the radius to 5 pixels, and press the DELETE key to get the effect shown in Figure 2.

< map 2>
4, the next is the use of layer style, parameter settings such as Figure 3, 4.

< map 3>

< map 4> categories:

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