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The tutorial to the Friends of the triple introduction of the use of PS to make the disc on the back of the production method, thinking: The first to make the optical disc structure layer, and then use color gradient to make the color of the optical light, the process is relatively simple. The tutorial is not written in a very detailed time can be made according to their own habits! Final effect

First, a new image size of 1024 * 768 pixels, in the middle of the image to draw a positive circle filled with white, and then use the Elliptical marquee tool in the center of the circle to draw a small positive circle and then press DELETE to delete the following figure

Second, in the center of the Hollow Ellipse, draw a hollow ellipse as shown in the following figure, and set the layer style select stroke parameter to set the following figure to the left.

Create a new layer make a rectangular selection fill the rainbow gradient, use perspective to turn him into a triangle, align the triangle point to the center, adjust the angle, and cover the gradient layer with the outer hollow circle vector Mask, and then blur the gradient appropriately.

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