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Step 1:

Let's create a new document: Set a width of 600 pixels, a height of 450 pixels, and a resolution of the high DPI.

Step 2:

Next, copy the background layer and execute the menu bar > Layer > Copy layer. and rename the new layer to the background pattern.

Step 3:

Now we're going to add some textures: double-click the background pattern to open the Layer style window, go to the pattern overlay, select Cherry01 from the list, and then click OK.

How to add a pattern:

In the PS installation folder there will be a "preset", which has "pattern", the PAT, the format of the things there.

Then in the PS of the "edit" option to find the "preset manager", Preset type Select "Pattern", and then choose the right side of the "load", will just those pat. Select, you can.

Step 4:

You must set the following values by double-clicking the "background pattern" layer to decorate the pattern style.

Step 5:

Let's type the word Candy candy, set the font size to pt; Word spacing is 40. To make the best effect, you can set the anti-aliasing mode to sharp.

Step 6:

Let's Select the Move tool (V), select the text and background layer, and then click the Adjust command on the menu above: Align Center horizontally and horizontally vertically to make the text set. As shown in the following illustration:

Step 7:

Right-click the layer in your Layer menu and add a layer style to the text: select blending options. Then press the following figure for additional settings, and then click OK.

Step 8:

Let's start with the text effect! First, we'll add some shadows to separate the text from the background: Execute > Layer > Layer Style > Shadow, set each value according to the following figure.

Step 9:

Now let's start with the candy texture: Go to Layer Style > Pattern overlay, click pattern Select "Wave mode" from list

Step 10:

Select the inner shadow from the Layer style window and set the following values as shown below. This step will enhance the effect of the text.

Step 11:

Enter the layer style > Outer glow, and then set it as shown in the following illustration to add a shadow to the text.

Step 12:

Then enter the layer style > Inner glow, and add the inner glow to the text as shown in the following figure.

Step 13:

Now we want the text to have a "smooth plastic" effect: Go to Layer Style > Bevel and Emboss, set using the following values.

Step 14:

In this step we want to make the color richer, emphasis on lighting and shading: into the layer style, the color overlay and gradient overlay, set according to the figure values.

Step 15:

Although this is the last step, it is also a very important step. We're going to add brightness to the edge of the letter to achieve a good result: go to the Layer style > stroke and use the values shown in the following figure. (fill type Select gradient)

Tip: You can click on any color in the color bar box, and then set the value of the image.

Here's the final image.

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