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Let's take a look at the font effects first:

From the picture, is it very simple? It looks pretty simple, actually ... Really very simple, haha ~o (∩_∩) o~ but do not think that simple can be casually done. In the process of making, we still have to be serious and careful oh! Gossip less, open the whole!

The first step: the background matting

After opening the lovely PS, we create a new 600 pixel x300 pixel resolution of 72 pixels per inch document, set foreground color to #30a1e4, background color is #056199. Select the Gradient tool, open the gradient editor, and preset the foreground color to the background color. Then pull a gradient from the heart to the corner, so the background is complete, very simple!

Step Two: Write text

Let's write a few words, I am here to "Zcool" as an example, you reader write at your discretion. Set the text color to #066fb0, the font is "mini Jane Amber", size 90 points. Put the canvas right in the middle of the book (and it's not the point).

Step three: Add Pink Oval

Place a few pink ellipses at the end of the Z, C, l three letters (color #cc8daa), pay attention to position and angle, and do it with the shape tool, so the operation will be easier.

Detail chart:

(here do not care about what background to become white, ╭ (╯^╰) hum!)

Then select the layers of these ellipses, merge into a layer, add a stroke of the layer style, the number of how much you are free, not too exaggerated on the line, stroke color and text, my side set as follows:

After the stroke as shown:

Fourth step: detail cohesion

Look at a dream of the font, not simply put a few pink oval on the finish, he has a similar effect, so we want to connect with the strokes.

See, that's it, there's a radian, and the edges of the ellipse are connected. Then add the material, the bells and the eyes of the dream of duo A:

We put the bells above the letter L, put the eyes on the top of the letter Z, and adjust the size and position:

Fifth step: two strokes

Select all of the layers, and of course, do not select the background. When selected, create a new group of these layers, ctrl+g, named "Text," and add a stroke layer style to the layer group:


This seems to be more complete, don't worry, there is a stroke oh! We turn this layer group into a smart object and then add a stroke again, but this time it's black. O (∩_∩) o:


So all the steps even if completed, we can add more to their own effect to make the picture more perfect. By the way, two strokes have different methods can be achieved, not just this kind of Oh! You can try, there is no better and easier way to achieve these effects.

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