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Tutorial Final Effect preview:

Step 1th Create a 700-pixel *1000 pixel document, set the background color to black, and use the gradient tool to populate the background layer with the direction and color shown in the following illustration:

Add some light to the background. Method: Create a new layer and draw several dots on the layer as shown in the following illustration:

In this dot layer using the filter, select Motion blur, set the parameters as follows:

Then, again using motion blur, set another different angle:

The effect so far has been:

The 2nd step is to use any font you want, and enter a letter on the background:

Set the blending options for this type layer as shown below:

Bevel and Emboss



Inner Shadow

Gradient Overlay

Use the red particle brush (photoshop default) to draw some tiny particles behind the text:

The 3rd step draws some lines around the text. Set the brush tool to 2px large, hardness 85%:

As shown below, use a color similar to the text to draw some lines around the text:

Continue to draw more lines and try mixing different colors to add different effects to the text:

The 4th step is to add some flame textures above the text. Find a picture of the flame footage, open it with Photoshop, and select a small selection on the flame as shown below:

Copy and paste the selection into the text layer, and make the corresponding deformation with the text, making it look like part of the text:

Set the blending mode of the flame layer to "color filter":

Copy the above-Done flame layer and liquefy as shown below to make the flame deform:

Then copy the liquefied flame layer multiple times and attach them to different positions in the text as shown in the following illustration:

In addition, you can add some flames around the text:

The above is basically the entire content of this tutorial! Adjust the color, the final result:

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 249667984 welcome you to join

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