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This is the result of the finished chart:

Before you start, download a few files, respectively:

Wall background

Coolvetica fonts

Glass material

Smoke material

has been packaged, children's shoes download the entire file is good → material download

Keep your chest in your belly and start practicing:

First step:

Create a file of size 1200px*700px to fill the black background. Copy the downloaded wall background, Ctrl + T to adjust the size, as shown in figure:

Use the soft edge eraser to erase the part. In fact, the soft side brush can also be a new layer mask is better to modify. The effect is as follows:

When the effect is complete, create a "black-and-white" and "level" clipping mask, adjusted as follows:


Color bands

The effect is as follows, by adjusting the layer to make the middle part more obvious.

Now that our background is complete, create a font.

Step Two:

Put the downloaded font in a few English, for example: ICE

Open the Ice ①"image, select the text selection (Ctrl + click the layer thumbnail selected), paste into the image,"delete"switch to the" ice muscle "layer, copy.

As shown in figure:

Paste into the original image, overwriting the original text layer, as shown in figure:

Create a "black and white" and "level" clipping mask for the ice texture layer as follows:


Color bands


Then go to "ice muscle ①" Image Select another piece of area

After pasting, continue to repeat the previous step, which is to create a clipping mask

Then change this layer blending mode to "strong light", click image → adjust, select "Black and white" and "color level"

Note that this is not a clipping mask, but an adjustment to the entire layer.

Color bands

This is the effect: (according to the capture image, the display is different, the proposed interception should not choose too dark, easy to dark)

Step Three:

Below to add a little bit of ice-breaking effect, open the "broken ice" image, dig out a triangle.

Paste to the back of the text layer to make the size smaller, or you can change the shape by holding CTRL and dragging the corners like this:

Repeat, and add a little bit of crushed ice.

Fourth Step:

Add a little ethereal effect, continue to pull a piece from the "Broken Borneol" image, copy it, change the shape, like this: note that the layer in front of the text

Pick the founder point of the dig:)

Now let's adjust the layers, click on the image → adjust, and select "Black and white" and "color levels"

Double-click the layer to change the blending option to "Color filter":

The effect is as follows:

Rub edges with the soft edge eraser tool, as shown in figure:

You can also copy layers to make the smoke thicker and then get the effect:

Fifth Step:

Add debris to the effect, also from the "broken ice" image to pull a piece, copy over, change the shape, as shown:

Use a blur tool to smear a piece of debris to make it feel dynamic

Repeat this step several times to make sure that there are multiple directions of crushed ice, as shown in the figure:

Sixth step:

Success in sight, brother refueling. Now we create a curved clipping mask, as follows: (You can make small adjustments according to your image)

I used the cloud brush to add a little cloud effect, this is the final work.

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