PS Create super Cool Iron Man relief text effects

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Look at the effect chart:

The specific production steps are as follows:

Step 1:

Create a new file with PS with the background set to black. We need some color for comparison. Download the "Stark" font from here: Http://

Step 2:

Select the Font tool, casually write something, here the size of the choice: 350 pixels, small print 223 pixels. Font Color set to B10A01

Step 3:

Switch to the top of the layer, the big characters of the layer copy two times, and then select the original layer, set the "gradient overlay", blending mode for "lightness", at the bottom, specific parameters such as figure. (I use the CS5)

Step 4:

In the new file open rust material, go color (ctrl+shift+u), with rectangular Marquee tool Select most of the material (not the whole picture), edit-> definition pattern, save

Step 5:

Select the second layer of the big characters, adjust the fill to 0%, set according to the following figure

Stroke parameter fill type gradient stroke position inner

Bevel and Emboss parameter style stroke Relief method carving Clear high light mode linear dodge (ADD) "Shadow mode" multiply

"Inner Shadow" parameter blending mode "linear deepening"

Pattern Overlay parameter blending mode "dot light"

Step 6:

Select the third layer of the big characters, and the padding is set to 0%. Set bevel and Emboss and stroke

Stroke parameter blending mode soft light position interior

Bevel and Emboss parameters, style stroke relief method carving Clear high light mode linear dodge (ADD) "Shadow mode" multiply

Step 7:

Now, save the style of each layer in large characters, if you don't see the style of the small window, select the window-> style

Step 8:

Put the rust material on the new layer, the blending mode is multiply and the opacity is set to 25%. Make sure the material overwrites the entire text. CTRL + Left-click the thumbnail of each large layer and select "Add Layer Mask"

Step 9:

Place the metal scratch material, repeat step 8, adjust the blending mode to point light, opacity 10-15%

Step 10:

Create a new adjustment layer, add a gradient map layer, blend mode to color, opacity to 20%

Step 11:

Create a new layer, select the Pen tool, and follow the first drawing to make a light effect. Next, select any point on the large character layer, and then shrink (select-> Modify-> shrink->) to shrink to 9 pixels (because the stroke font we use in large characters is 8px, so you need to flow out a bit). Use the Blur tool to make the edges smoother and the opacity adjusted to 20%

Step 12:

Organize all of the established and associated layers, named "Large-format group" to set the following figure (the blending options for the group must be CS6 or above)

Outer Glow Setting

"Projection" parameter blending mode "multiply"

Note: You may find that some red lines appear randomly at the edges of the letters, and I don't know why, but you can easily remove them by setting the shadow on your group.

"Inner Shadow Parameters"

Step 13:

The practice of small print is the same as that of big characters. You don't have to reset all the layers ' styles. You just need to find the corresponding style that you have saved from the style window. However, you still need to make some adjustments to consider the different font sizes of the stroke.

Step 14:

Create a new layer, through the flexible particle round stroke high light, blending mode for soft light, opacity is 50%. Add a layer mask if you want to.

How about, Iron Man style font to build success.

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