PS Create the smoke of the city war scene

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Final effect:

First, create a size width of 200px, height 1700px files

Next you create the background, you can apply the Gaussian blur with the brush, the effect is as follows:

2, drag the wall material in, add the mask

3, with a black brush, smear on the mask, the effect is as shown, this time do not worry about not good-looking, remember to smear the edge of the wall part

4, drag the city material in, the location is as follows:

5, repeat the previous step of the operation, add masks, in addition to the construction, smear irrelevant scenery, you can use the Lasso tool to make good selection and operation.

6, change the layer blending mode to multiply

7, drag the sky material in.

8, change the layer blending mode to soft light

9, create a new layer, layer mode to soft light, choose the soft side of the black brush, the sky and the bright part of the high-rise painting, you can reduce the opacity of the brush, or the layer opacity to 40% can also be adjusted, the effect is as follows:

10, drag into the flame material, adjust the layer blending mode to soft light mode, opacity 60%, fill 50%, as shown

11, add Gaussian blur to the flame layer, the parameters are as follows:

12, add another flame material, add a mask as before, adjust the edges with a black brush to make the transition more harmonious.

Then layer mode to filter, opacity reduced to 50%, fill 80%

13, continue to add flame material, change layer mode to filter color

14, copy the flame layer, adjust the position to the wall behind the opacity adjustment to 55%, as follows:

15, drag the texture of the material package in, rotate 180 degrees, and move to the wall on the left.

Add masks, erase other parts, leave a few holes in the wall

Reduce opacity to 70%, as shown

16, will be the crushing effect of the material package open (upload the name before the wrong, is the crushing effect of the picture, not brush, forgive), add to high-rise, as shown

17, add a little fog to the bottom of the city, only collapse of the feeling, about the fog of the material, the students themselves Baidu Good, Beijing friends please turn right to go out to take a weather photo (wear a good mask), to find material to reduce the opacity to the satisfaction of, can also be modified with a mask, the effect of see

18, pick up the pen brush, choose yellow or orange, add a little flame to the top of the building, as follows

Continue to add a larger flame, remember to adjust the opacity and brush size, until the effect looks great, like this

Good le, really capable young, now began to modify the details, a little test skill yo, pick up the smudge tool, on the flame smear, so that the effect more realistic.

In this process, you can create a new layer, reduce the opacity, with the soft side brush smear, until the effect is more and more shocking, as shown

19, this step add shadow details, create a new layer, with a black soft brush, respectively, to the bottom of the high-rise, the side of the shadow add

Continue to detail decoration, select the 5px size of the yellow brush, to the edge of the stump stroke, the effect of creating a flare, as follows

20, drag the character material in, use Lasso tool to select the main figure

When the selection is done, add the mask and pull the characters out.

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