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Figure 00

Final effect Diagram

Figure 01

1, cosmetic skin, (real and delicate) if there are friends will not modify the skin, please go online search related tutorials, because today I do not talk about the basis

We talked about the basics of skin modification.

Figure 02

2, the woman's face on the part of a lot of light and shade transition uneven texture structure! Then I need to combine the texture and optical direction, light quality, to adjust and transition.

Figure 03

3, makeup of the basic modification: eyeliner: The inner eye of the eyeliner hook out, do not let it have a sense of deformity, and then the right eye on the eyelid outside the eye of the eyeliner, we need to lengthen the natural disappearance.

Eyelash Processing: The shadow formed by the eyelash is a key, right and left lashes are not consistent with the light, in this I specially dealt with the shadow of the left eye shade, so that it more thick. The shadow on the top of the right is too thick to make a slight transition.

Eye Makeup Treatment: And then I used the gradient method, there is no use of inverted sketch, if there is always concerned about my work before the friends can see before the "makeup effect blockbuster is how to practice the" film of the female is the name of the model, the eye window of the skeleton is sunken more obvious, and Oriental women's skeleton is very large, The female model in this film also had some swelling on the eye of the day. So I'm not trying to build on it.

Give her makeup two times here, and the principle is the same as the makeup before taking photos. From the root of the eyelash to the upper layer of the eye shadow, from deep to shallow transition. At the same time stretching the extension of the temple slightly to disappear. What tools do you ask me to use? Whatever your personal habits, just notice, color and light, level problems on the line, as well as alleviate the problem of eye swelling.

Eyeball treatment: The pupil is too dark and no light appears to be no God, so we with the pupil shape to lighten its arc degree (mold Fang below played the effect of the reflector and so on) eyebrow treatment: to "standard eyebrow" for reference to expand the revision, the standard is as follows: Brow: Demand mellow, wide and sparse.

Eyebrow waist: Dense and dense, on the virtual under. Eyebrow Bottom line: request neat and clean. Brow: Requires natural soft, no chestnut, located between the brow and the end of the Two-thirds place. Eyebrow tail: thin and light.

Lip treatment: Can be in the "standard lip" on the basis of the adjustment, upper and lower lip ratio: 1:1.2 or 1:1.5 (down to see how the grams will be painted three-dimensional lip) and then use the transition between light and shade, so that the lips look comfortable and harmonious.

Hair headdress: The level of the light to the dark grams to draw a sense of hierarchy.

Figure 04

4, fill up the dark part of the light, pressure high light, control light ratio, so that light than the contrast is not so big, not so blunt (requirements: natural reality).

Figure 05

Figure 06

Figure 07

5, highlight the hair raised area (because of the bulge, so close to the light source, naturally will be particularly bright).

Figure 08

6, the screen some gray, contrast to walk, many ways, with personal habits on the line (focus on light quality, want to express the soft light quality, in nature or hard light quality) attention to grasp the grip of good.

Figure 09

7, according to the relationship between the human skeleton and light, expand on the forehead of the adjustment, the use of natural light and dark relationship between the comfortable transition, remember that the real do not destroy bones and texture. Then is the face of the modification (and the same method) and the forehead above the "scalp" surface, hair root, too white obvious place to be pressed dark.

Figure 10


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