PS creates dark clouds of photo effects

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Final effect

First, open the original material, select menu: Image > Mode > Lab color, press CTRL + J to copy the background layer, point channel panel, select the Brightness channel, execute: Image < Application image operation, mode: Multiply the bottom, the other options default, OK, then repeat the operation again, back to the layers panel, Add a layer mask and apply a black brush to the motorcycle for four weeks.

Second, select the menu: Image > Mode > RGB color, point to create a new layer, press CTRL + ALT + Shift + e-stamped layer, execute: image > Apply image operation, channel: blue, blending mode: Color filter, opacity: 60%, determine after loading background copy layer of the Mask Version selection, press CTRL + Shift + I to select, and Layer 1 with layer masks.

Third, close layer 1 and Background copy layer, select the background layer, execute: SELECT > Color range, Open Color Range dialog box, use a straw to absorb red on the background layer, adjust the tolerance size appropriately, then determine the operation, press Ctrl + j copy, get Layer 2, change the blending mode of Layer 2 to "overlay", Move it above layer 1, and then open the Layer 1 and the background copy layer's small eyes.

Copy layer 1 and Get Layer 2 copy.

Five, create a new layer, stamped layer, for sharpening processing.

Six, duplicate a layer, execute: image > Application image operation, channel: Red, Mixed: real color mixing, opacity: 5%.

To create a level adjustment layer, the parameters are set to the following figure, determine the final effect after the completion.

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