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Developed for Corel, Kockout is a fairly powerful Photoshop plug-in that simplifies many image output with the help of Photoshop filters, especially Kockout2.0 version after processing without saving can be directly returned to Photoshop under the editor, not only to meet the common need to pull, but also to smoke, shadow and messy hair and so easy to pull out, save time and effort, even if the PS rookie, can also become a pull Figure master!

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Installation Tutorials
1, after decompression, open "knockout2.0 installation", click Setup.exe installation;

2, installation directory must be set to the/plug-ins/filters folder in the Photoshop directory;

3, after the installation, open "knockout2.0", Installation knockout 2_p1.exe, installation location for your PS directory outside the "Knockout 2.77" folder (this folder for the knockout installation automatically generated knockout root directory);

4, and then install knockout 2_p2.exe, installation location for the/plug-ins/filters folder under the Photoshop directory;

5, Done! Knockout run the program directly is not open, you need to download the picture in Photoshop-Filter-knockout2-load the work layer ... Into the.

  Drawing Tutorials

1, open a can give you the feeling of the first love of the sister paper-double-click the background layer, converted to ordinary layers, (knockout can not operate on the background layer), considering the fear of destroying the original image, it is recommended that the layer to be processed to copy a layer of storage;

2, then to the copied layer execution: Filter-knockout-load the work layer (then PS will automatically close, and open Knockout2.0)

3, with the object of the interior tools to draw a picture of the constituency, pay attention not to the edge of the hair, you can leave the appropriate distance; (hold down the SHIFT key to the plus constituency;) Alt key to subtract constituency; Alt+[for reduced constituencies; ALT +] for enlarged constituencies)

4, with object External tool to draw the outside of the hair of the selection, this step should be finer; (note: The selection of the object's internal tool is reserved, the outside of the object is drawn outside of the selection for deletion, and two selections are part of the image edge)

5, you can enlarge the working area of the selection, different selection needs to switch tools; Click the "Process button" below to make a pull preview and you can specify a different background color.

6, if found that the problem can be ctrl+1 back to the original manuscript, to modify; For better observation, you can also place a bitmap on the background (pictured);

7, to determine that there is no problem, file-application, automatic return to PS, and automatically create a good sister paper; part of the unsatisfactory details can be used in the PS other tools for small adjustments, complete!

8, so easy! sister paper to pull a successful! Pots of friends to feel the next ~

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