PS-dancing feathers

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PS-dancing feathers
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PhotoShop basic image effect tutorial
This series of tutorials is an image made using the basic features of PS. It is easy to learn and is very suitable for beginners. It gives beginners a sense of accomplishment...
Tutorial 1

Dancing feathers

1. Create a new document with a file size of 500x500. The image mode is RGB and the background is transparent. Use a plug-in tool to draw a feather shape and fill it with black, as shown in:

2. Select 'filter'> 'stylized '> 'wind', and select 'from the right' to the wind direction, as shown below:

3. Copy another feather layer, crtl + t select 'flip horizontally ', and then rotate the copied layer to make the perfect combination of the two layers, as shown in:

4. combine the two feather layers, create a background layer and fill it with black. Select the feather layer, crtl + I, and turn the feathers into white.

5. Create a layer. Use this paint brush tool to select your preferred color and paint the feathers with your preferred paint, as shown in the following figure:

6. At last, change the layer pattern of the newly created layer to "stacked on the front", and the feathers will be completed. ..

Finally, I changed another color and copied multiple ones. The rotation deformation is shown in:

Let's compile your own world of feathers... :)

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