PS Digital Late d&b (hyperbola) Cosmetic Makeup Facial Portrait

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Through the PS technology we can easily for the character whitening, moisturizing, plastic and so on. How do designers reflect their strengths and professionalism in terms of popularity?

This requires a certain understanding of photography, makeup, modelling and so on, as well as a solid PS theoretical foundation, so as to facilitate the design of the expression and eclectic operating methods.

This paper gives a detailed introduction to the current popular D&b modified portrait photography methods and techniques.

Photoshop Tutorial Artwork:

Complete the diagram:

The role of D&b:

D&B is the abbreviation of Dodge&burn, meaning is to reduce light, deepen. In the two curve adjustment layer, using white brush to edit the mask, perfect the image of high light, shadow distribution,

Make the light and shadow transition soft and deal with miscellaneous lights. The application of two black layers can make us more accurate to observe the image, the details more prominent and easier to grasp the transition of light and shadow. (The black layer of the color pattern makes the image

Changing to black and white results in favor of viewing images, for example, why the PS default channel is displayed in black and white mode. The soft light mode black layer increases the image contrast under the black and white image effect, makes the detail

More prominent) when we see a very dirty portrait, not the character itself is dirty, there is a certain proportion of light and shadow. When shooting, the characters face flaws, beans, freckles by small light, output to the electricity

When we're on the brain, we find a lot of facial flaws. In contrast to face defects, peas, freckles, when the light is large, we will find that the face is relatively clean. This is the light, the image.

The visual effect is not that it is dirty, but that it is not exposed to enough light. The core of the d&b is here to change the lightness of a certain point or a certain side, or to darken or lighten it. Make the person face light and shadow transition more

Add soft, enhance the three-dimensional, but do not lose texture.

D&b modified light and shadow technique and core idea

Nowadays most of the later people have heard about the d&b (also some people call it hyperbola) to repair the drawing technique, many of them blindly pursue the operation technique, but neglected its core idea.

When we use this technique to modify the portrait, we obviously find that the image of the light and shadow structure in our operation and constantly change, but will not destroy the skin texture and texture of the portrait.

So what kind of a tactic is it?

We first open a pair of images to create a double graph layer, copy the background layer (do the good habit of drawing), set up two curve adjustment layer, adjust the layer to do the dark treatment, layer two do highlight processing.

Add a mask to the two adjustment layers, fill the black, and group the two adjustment layers (I'll name them as shadow groups).

After the new two blank map, filled with black, layer mode for color, soft light (high-profile film can be selected overlay), for grouping (I named the observation group).

To this end, the hyperbolic curve was established.

The use of brushes (white, opacity 5, Flow 100, the number can be customized according to personal Custom) tool on two curved layer mask editing, adjust the screen lighting.

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