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People use their eyes and brains to feel the color. This is not just a physical level, but also a spiritual and emotional dimension. When we look at color often think of the previous contact with the hue of the feelings or things, this kind of color and the emergence of the feelings, we call it Color Association. Color Association is acquired through past experience, memory or knowledge.

The result of this feeling is that different colors have their particular meaning. The symbolic meaning of color is also a cultural identity in most cases. The meaning of colours in different cultures and the associations that give rise to one another are very distinct, and sometimes may even be the opposite. Before applying a color, a designer should look into the meaning of the color and the association it will bring to people in a given environment.

3.4.1 Red

is the most visual impact of color, hint speed and dynamic, can stimulate the heart rate, speed up breathing, stimulate appetite; red clothes make people big; red cars are most likely to be stolen, as shown in Figure 3-27.

Figure 3-27 Red Red with Image Association

Flame, blood, sex, tomatoes, watermelon flesh, sun, red flag, lipstick, Chinese flag.

Positive Association of Red

Passion, love, blood, energy, zeal, excitement, heat, strength, enthusiasm, vigor.

The negative association of Red

Aggression, anger, war, revolution, cruelty, immorality, danger, naivety, vulgarity. The Red cultural field

In Africa, red stands for death.

In France, red represents the male.

In Asia, red represents marriage, prosperity, and happiness.

In India, red is the color of soldiers.

In South Africa, red is the color of mourning. Example Description

As shown in Figure 3-28, for the Chinese Power 8 Anniversary Theme website ( page screenshot, the entire page using red as the main color, to give people a festive, lively feeling.

Figure 3-28 China Power 8 Anniversary Theme Web page screenshot Red Line Color scheme

The color scheme for the red line is as follows, as shown in Figure 3-29:

1, add a small amount of yellow in red, will make its thermal power, tend to restless, restless.

2, add a small amount of blue in the red, will make its thermal decline, tend to elegant, soft.

3, add a small amount of black in the red, will make its character become calm, tend to thick, simple.

4, in the red to add a small amount of white, will make its character become gentle, tend to subtle, shy, delicate

Figure 3-29 Red Line color scheme

3.4.2 Orange

Orange can promote appetite; the orange room represents friendliness, a pleasant, stimulating conversation and thinking; Orange can be used to enhance vision, which is why the beach lifeguard's life suit uses orange, as shown in Figure 3-30.

Fig. 3-30 Orange of Orange

Autumn, oranges, carrots, gravy, bricks, lights.

Positive Association of Orange

Warmth, joy, creativity, inspiration, uniqueness, energy, activity, simulation, social, health, whim, vigor, beauty, clarity, and sweetness.

Negative Association of Orange

Rude, fashionable, noisy, jealous, restless, pathetic, vulgar. Orange Culture Area

In Ireland, Orange represents the Protestant movement.

In Native American culture, Orange stands for learning and blood relations.

In Holland, Orange is the color of the country, because the Dutch monarch comes from the Orange-nassau family.

In India, Orange represents Hinduism. Category:

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