PS draw a super shiny pencil icon

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PS draw a super shiny pencil icon

First step

Create a new document 950 pixel wide 600 pixel height, resolution set to 300 pixel/inch and white background. Make a rectangular selection with a fixed size of style, with a width of 400 pixels and a height of px.

Second Step

Drag the guide and align all the edges and vertical centers of the selection.

Third Step

Open the Gradient editor and select Metal in the preset menu. If you cannot see the Presets in the list, click to the right and then select metal from the triangle button in the list. Click Add. Create a new layer and name it "pen body." Fills the gradient from the bottom to the top of the selection.

Fourth Step

Using the Curve command, the parameters are set below to create a smooth gradient effect ~!

Using the Curve command, the parameters are set above to create a smooth gradient effect ~!

Fifth Step

When a selection is active, creates a new layer that fills the color #d60005 of the selection, and then sets the opacity of the layer to 60%. New layer name "color".


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