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This tutorial is very simple, the project quantity is smaller, because very small only then, even if the rework revision does not spend too much time, only then the partial comparison expense eyesight. If you like it, you can draw it with me.

Final effect

1, with shape tools and pen tool to draw the overall shape and color, pay attention to the mouth of the shape of the front and back order, the right foot that is copied left foot and horizontal flip, with the direct selection tool to adjust the slightly different shape.

2. Use layer style to refine eyebrows, eyeball, mouth and legs. The rays of the pupil are made from a custom shaped tool, and the high light on the toes is on a small, soft angle brush.

3, with the layer style combined with masks for the body layer to add light and shade, the original legs all layer Ctrl + G key to create groups, CTRL +] key to move to the body layer group above, and add a mask to wipe the top fade effect.

4, Homemade feather pen brush:

Create a new 50 * 50 transparent document, draw a black positive circle with an oval tool, set the layer's fill opacity to 20%, and add a stroke layer style. Select menu after setting: Edit > Define brush preset.

Instead, replace the brush artboard and find the brush to set the appropriate tip shape. Here set 42 pixel is to demonstrate the brush effect, with hand-painted plate feathers can be set smaller.

5, the preparation of the brush after the start of painting feathers, painting the chaos in an orderly manner, according to a certain trend smear good. The foreground color is set to: #f1cb4a, three layers of smear, in addition to the first layer with the 4th brush, the other two layers with a 5th brush, and the figure set the corresponding blending mode and opacity.

6, the final step: all layers of the original body (except feather layer) merged into groups, considering that you may not be satisfied with the rework, then copy a group, point out the small eyes in front of the original group, right-click the group copy Merge group, on this layer of the high blur and apply the smudge tool to smear the hair around the body, Finally, add the projection on the bottom of the body.

Final effect:

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