PS Draw game in the Monster Dragon Tutorial

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Let's see what the final effect is.

I'm just a halfway decent student. These are just my regular painting several times to accumulate experience. I hope everyone will be useful. And if we have better performance techniques or problems in my work. I hope you can put forward ~ ~

So let's get started.

First, use a black brush that uses the transparency of your own custom to sketch its shape. (I'm using 30% opacity.) 30% padding Airbrush pen Opaque brush

Add the details. Draw the light and shade. I am used to reducing the expression of high light. As for the reason. The next steps will be revealed.

The final light and shade chart is complete ~ ~ The next work is the base color.

Next is my main use of the skill!! (For like me this can not be skilled by using the gradient color directly to draw the light and shade of the novice to save a lot of Kung fu!!)

I am using the gradient mapping inside the effect, I set the gradient below, where the gradient bar to the left of the dark will be filled with color, and the right is the Ming will fill the color

Then set the layer blending mode to "point Light", as for the opacity, press your own feeling to go as follows (remember to make the outline of the mask, otherwise the blank area will be colored oh ~ As for that photo filter layer ...) Let's just ignore it.

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