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Although the tutorial does not introduce the ice cream in every detail of the production method, but the author lists the approximate description of each part, as long as the grasp of ideas, slowly try to draw out.

Final effect

One, part decomposition:

Second, the process decomposition:

Third, descriptive analysis:

The new document has a higher resolution setting, and the drawing is more subtle, so that I can avoid the mistakes I made at the beginning. Chengtu that serrated look at once uncomfortable, the color contrast big junction line place especially obvious.

Four, the stick detailed:

1, Rounded Rectangle tool to draw a long rectangle, rounded corner radius of 20 pixels, color value #d58f61.

2, Ctrl + t tilt to a certain angle, with the direct selection tool and add Anchor point tool to adjust to figure shape.

3. Add a layer style to the shape.

4, new document press and hold before the analytic wood grain to make the wood grain material, drag into the ice cream document, turn the Smart object, Ctrl + T tilt angle like the figure stick, with the stick shape layer create clipping mask. The new layer on top of all the sticks then creates a clipping mask.


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