PS example of creating a three-fold page effect chart using a deformation tool-PS tutorial

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PS how to make a three-fold page effect, I think many friends do not know yet. The three-fold page created by the designer is displayed. The following describes how to use the PS deformation tool to design the page. if you don't know how to use the three-fold page, you can refer to the three-fold page prepared by the designer, of course, it can be displayed. This tutorial mainly uses the PS deformation tool to complete the design of the fold, and then adds a simple background, so that the work can be perfectly displayed. if you like it, let me learn it together.

1. download a created tab from Baidu and use PS to open it

2. open the custom tab and use the checkbox to select the three tabs for the three layers.

SOURCE image effect

3. Place the downloaded file under the three layers, for example:

4. select the first item to perform a free transformation (shortcut: Ctrl + T), press the Ctrl key, and drag the mouse to align to the corner of the material. The remaining two items are the same, for example:

5. copy the first tab and perform a free transformation (shortcut: Ctrl + T). right-click and select "Vertical Flip", right-click and select "diagonal", and click the red box to pull up, for example:

6. The remaining two images are carried out in the same way as the preceding steps. The effect is as follows and the three images are merged. this is a three-fold page.

7. add a vector mask and drag the black-and-white gradient from top to bottom to form a reflection effect, as shown in:

8. add a simple background to set off the tab. remember to save it!


Does it look much more beautiful than the source image? The above is the small continuous design edited by Pepsi. we will create a three-fold instance tutorial for ps.we share with you. if you like the design, it's worth learning!

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